The Perfect Walk - with Pooch & Mutt, ACAI & Cocopup

Updated 17 April 2024
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Written by Elle Padgham

Small fluffy brown and golden dog with its paw up, against a bright purple background, with a yellow banner featuring ACAI, Pooch & Mutt and Cocopup logos


We can thank our pooches for a lot of things.


The joy their innocent sleeping faces bring. The thousands of pictures we have on our camera roll, of them doing adorable things that EVERYONE must see. And most importantly… their undeniable effect on our mental health.


The latter is especially true when it comes to getting outdoors. Outdoor adventures alongside our fur babies are always the most fun, and positively impact both our mental and physical health. And aren’t they good at getting us out?


Planning pooch adventures with ACAI Outdoorwear and Cocopup


We’ve teamed up with our good furiends at ACAI Outdoorwear and Cocopup, to make planning an adventure with your pup a breeze. 


It’s all about looking stylish, having the snacks and liquid replenishments at the ready, being well equipped come rain or shine, and giving those fellow hikers an insight into being the coolest dog-pawrent around.


Going “out-out” with ACAI Outdoorwear


Okay, so we’ve reworked this phrase for the dog walking world - and we’re here for it! If you’re going “out-out” with your pooch - you need to look the part.


ACAI Outdoorwear have the perfect outdoor-wear, to look amazing and be prepared for all weathers and situations. Their clothing has been considerately created so you can layer up, or down, with just the right fabrics to keep your temperature, and self, comfortable.


On The Go Leggings

New for 2023, these aren’t your average leggings. They are MADE for dog-owners with pet-hair resistant material, making furry clothes a thing of the past! They’re super stretchy and squat-proof with an anti-slip waistband - so scooping poop and picking up toys is easy. And they offer UV protection and protection from bites too - ideal for hiking. With four colours and two leg-lengths to choose from, they’re every fashionista-dog-walker’s dream. 

 Woman cuddling golden retriever dog, wearing ACAI pet-hair resistant leggings, against a pale pink background


Breathe Tee

During those hot summer hikes, your body needs space to breathe. Which is where ACAI’s Breathe Tee comes in! It’s been created with strategically placed pointelle perforation to provide maximum breathability, it’s seam-free so you can say goodbye to chaffing, and its antibacterial design manages unpleasant odours when working up a sweat. It’s available in three colours and really is a hiking staple.

 Woman outdoors against a blue sky, wearing a white Breathable Tee from ACAI


Showerproof Popover

It might be summer, but we are in the UK. Meaning a few showers mid-walk are somewhat likely! Fear not. ACAI’s Showerproof Popover is the ideal hiking extra. It’s lightweight so you can still keep cool but get that shower-proof protection you need, it’s super breathable and offers light wind-protection too. And the best part? It packs away neatly into its pocket, so no need to drag a heavy jacket around with you.

 A woman lay on the beach with her golden retriever dog, wearing a Showerproof Popover from ACAI


Check out ACAI Outdoorwears’ dedicated Dog Walkers Edit on site, showcasing their amazing range for getting out with the pooch.


And Pooch & Mutt customers get 15% off! Just use code: POOCHANDMUTT23


All the gear and plenty idea with Cocopup


Cocopup are renowned for their stunning range of harnesses, collars and leads to keep your pooch looking suave.


But there’s a lot more to them than their range of fashion items. Style and substance is what they’re all about and they’re on hand to make your hiking adventure the absolute dog’s…


“The Everything” Dog Walking Bag Bundle

Playing matchy-matchy with the pooch is our favourite thing to do. And this Dog Walking Bundle takes it to the next level! With a classic black stylish bag and matching strap, added treat pouch (to keep your Pooch & Mutt treats at the ready), a water-bottle clip (more on that to follow), and a designated pocket and pull area for your poo bags - you’ll be more than prepared for adventure days.


Foldable Travel Bowl 

Ensuring your pup has access to fresh, cold water throughout your hike is essential. And this Foldable Travel Bowl is super lightweight and easy to take with you. Simply clip onto the water-bottle clip area on your Cocopup bag - and voila, dog bowl at the ready!


Collapsible Water Bottle

What use is a travel bowl without a water bottle? Here we have the Collapsible Water Bottle, and it isn’t your average Joe kinda bottle... its innovative, collapsible feature means you can fill up to 500ml of water, and collapse it down into a handy pint-sized travel bottle. This too clips onto your Cocopup bag, meaning there needn’t be a thirsty pup in sight during those long adventures.

 An image split into 3 columns, showcasing Cocopup products including Black Walking Bag Bundle, Black Travel Bowl and Black Collapsible Water Bottle


Cocopup lead the way with their collection of dog and hooman accessories - check out their full range on site for all sorts of treats.

And Pooch & Mutt customers get 35% off! Just use code: POOCHANDMUTT35


And the hiking essentials from Pooch & Mutt…?

So you’re looking good and feeling prepared - but there’s a key ingredient missing. The treats!

No pooch walk is complete without some tasty titbits and delicious training treats to lure them back when you need them. 

Here’s what we recommend you get packed:


Smokin’ BBQ Burgers

The creme de la creme of all pooch treats. These high-value jerky treats are what an ‘extra’ kind of dog walk is all about! They’re limited edition and are the taste of summer, made with 90% beef and 30% protein. For pooches aged 8 weeks’ and above - you’ll have them on their best behaviour from start to finish knowing they’ll be getting their chops around these beauties.


Probiotic Meaty Treats Taster Pack

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s no different for our dogs. This Probiotic Meaty Treats Taster Pack is exactly what you need for those longer walks. Pop together a little mixture, so when you’re practicing recall it’s an exciting surprise what they’ll get their beautiful little paws on. They’re ideal for training, and to keep little legs motivated if they’re starting to need more energy.


Planet Friendly Poo Bags

Not the most glamorous on the hiking essentials list - but up there as one of the most important! Don’t get caught out without, and remember to pack your Planet Friendly Poo Bags. They’ve been tried and tested, and fit perfectly into the Cocopup bag’s poo-bag pocket. And you know that by using our bags, you’re doing good by the environment.

 Pooch & Mutt products across three columns, including Smokin' BBQ Burgers, Planet Friendly Poo bags and Prebiotic Meaty Treat packs


To learn more about our Planet Friendly Poo Bags and why 'biodegradable' poo bags may not be all they seem, click here.

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