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Delivery and Returns

Where is my order?

How can I return something to you?

When will I receive my refund?

Managing your Account

I’m having trouble signing into my account.

How do I change/cancel my subscription?

How can I make changes to the details on my account?

Our Ingredients

Why Should I Use Salmon Oil?

Are your foods grain free?

Are your treats grain-free?

What meat source is used in your treats?

Why do some of your wet food cartons contain leek?

Feeding Recommendations

How long will the supplement pack (200g) last my dog?

Can Bionic Biotic and Mobile Bones Be Fed Together?

What is the best way to feed the supplements?

Can I use the supplements with my current food that I feed?

Can I mix the foods in your range together?

How should I switch from my old food to yours?

How much should my dog have a day?

Are your foods suitable for puppies?

How many treats should I feed per day?

How many calories are in each 375g carton of wet food?

Health Supplements

What Does Bionic Biotic Do?

What Does Mobile Bones Do?

Do you have a money back guarantee?

How long until I can see a difference?

Grain-free Foods

How many foods are in your range and which one should I feed to my dog?

How big is the kibble size?

What bag size do you offer?


How big are your treats?

How many treats are there in a tube of treats?

Why can I only buy a pack of 6 treats from you?

How many treats are there in your range?

About Pooch and Mutt and our Ethics

What is unique about your pet food?

Do you send out free samples?

Where is your food made/sourced?

Is your packaging recyclable?

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