Naturally Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Your dog will love our grain-free dog food as part of their hypoallergenic diet. They come in a range of flavours available in wet and dry.


What is hypoallergenic dog food?
Hypoallergenic food for dogs is quite simply food that is made to be safer on a dog’s digestion - it contains ingredients that are less likely to trigger an adverse reaction, whether your dog has a known allergy or not. Hypoallergenic dog food tends to contain no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and is made with mostly natural ingredients, therefore it’s full of nutritious value.
If your dog has a specific food allergy, such as to sweet potato, lamb or peas, then they may still experience a reaction after eating hypoallergenic dog food if it contains those ingredients. Hypoallergenic dog food steers away from foods that are most likely to trigger allergic reactions in dogs - such as beef, grain, dairy and artificial additives or preservatives.
As lots of dogs are allergic to grain, most hypoallergenic dog food is grain-free, as it is deemed safer to a dog’s gut than standard dog foods. However, not allgrain-free dog food is necessarily hypoallergenic - and both hypoallergenic and grain-free food may still contain ingredients that your dog doesn’t respond well to. To be safe, keep a close eye on your dog during any dietary change and always pay attention to the list of ingredients.


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