Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Food, Treats & Supplements for sensitive dogs of all breeds and ages to aid any digestion issues.


Is grain-free dog food better for a sensitive stomach?
A premium quality grain-free dog food is usually made with digestion in mind, as it’s intended for dogs with a grain allergy or intolerance. In theory, grain-free food is great for a dog with a sensitive stomach - especially when the recipe is formulated especially for digestive issues (such as Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion). Check with your vet before switching diets, however, as grain-free food could still contain an ingredient your dog has trouble digesting (red meat, for instance).
Generally dogs find red meat harder to digest, along with fatty, sugary foods and artificial ingredients. Pooches with sensitive tummies need gently digestible foods: fish, such as salmon, chicken, peas and green beans, for example. Foods such as apple pulp and sweet potato also contain fibre for better, firmer poops!
If your dog is finding it hard to digest their food, they might benefit from a switch to wet food. With its high moisture content, it tends to be easier to chew and work through your dog’s digestive system. This is a personal preference, as there are pros and cons to both wet and dry food.


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