Natural Dog Supplements & Vitamins

Natural supplements and vitamins for dogs packed with active ingredients to help provide optimal health


Do dogs need vitamins & supplements?
It’s not essential for dogs to take additional vitamins or supplements, especially if your dog eats a complete and nutritious diet every day. As every dog is different with a range of health conditions and needs, however, you might find that adding a supplement to your dog’s food works wonders for their specific issues, as well as improves their health and wellbeing overall.
We don’t recommend feeding your dog human supplements - there are plenty of ingredients human bodies can ingest that are toxic to dogs. To avoid wasting time poring over the individual ingredients of human supplement bottles, it’s much safer and easier to use a vitamin supplement created just for dogs.
This depends on what you think your dog needs. For an overall health boost, supplements such as Salmon Oil improve brain function, mobility, skin and coat health; while a boost of probiotics restores ‘friendly’ bacteria to the gut, something that lots of dogs would benefit from. For specific issues, there are more targeted supplements - such as hemp extract for anxious dogs, or glucosamine for dogs with old bones or aching joints. In any case, have a chat with your vet before introducing a new vitamin or supplement into your dog’s diet - you don’t want to overfeed a vitamin they may already be getting in their regular food.


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