High Protein Dog Food

Choose our high-meat content dog food for optimal muscle growth, immune strength, and a glossy coat. Our tasty meaty dog food offerings will fill your pooch's health and vitality with nutrient-rich proteins.


Do dogs need high protein food?
Including lean proteins in your pooch’s diet, and making sure their meals contain protein as a main ingredient, is vital to ensuring good physical and mental health. High protein dog foods that are usually higher in meat or fish content are also particularly beneficial for dogs with muscle development conditions, working dogs who use a lot of energy each day, senior dogs, or pooches with injuries or illnesses. Note - a dog with kidney dysfunction may need low protein food. Ask your vet if you’re not sure which would be best for your particular pooch.
An abrupt change in diet can cause stomach upset in a dog, such as diarrhoea. Introduce new food gradually, perhaps mixing the new food with their old food at first, and keep an eye on their poops as you make the switch.


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