Puppy Food & Supplements

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Can puppies eat adult dog food?
Puppies have different dietary needs to an adult dog - they need a higher level of protein and fat, as well as other key nutrients, in order to fuel their rapid growth and physical development. A well-balanced puppy food such as our Puppy Complete Superfood contains all the ingredients and supplements required for a puppy’s special health and wellbeing requirements.
The portion size for a puppy is very dependent on their breed, age and health condition. Get some advice from your vet when it comes to meal scheduling and portion sizing - however, it’s worth noting that puppies need feeding more often than adult dogs (little and often throughout the day).
A puppy’s nutritional needs change every few months during the first year. When they reach around 12 months of age, they should have transitioned, or be in the process of transitioning to adult dog food. Check in with your vet for their advice on this.


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