Low Fat Dog Food

Our low fat dry & wet dog food options maybe lower in calories, but still high in taste! Ideal for dogs with gastrointestinal issues and pancreatitis.


How much should I feed my dog to lose weight?
This will always depend on your dog’s age, breed, activity level and health condition, so you should consult a vet for specifics. Just as humans require a lean, structured diet to lose weight, it’s recommended to feed your dog at the same times each day and in measured portion sizes; avoid fatty treats and human table scraps as much as possible, and offer treats in moderation.
There is some evidence to suggest that because of the higher water content in wet dog food, it can make a dog fuller on a lower amount of calories than dry food, so can aid weight loss. There are lots of other factors to consider though, such as portion sizes, feeding routine and the age, breed and activity level of the dog.
Dog food that doesn’t contain grain isn’t automatically better for weight loss, but generally, grain-free dog food (such as the recipes in Pooch & Mutt’s range) replaces grain with nutritious, whole ingredients such as lean proteins, fruit and veggies. As many commercial pet food brands use grain as a ‘filler’, this focus on health and nutrition makes many grain-free foods a better choice for weight loss in dogs.


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