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How It Works

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Earn points on every order and by completing small tasks to watch your rewards grow.

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Turn points into money off future orders, free stuff, charity donations & more!

3x Points

Subscribers earn even more with 3x points on every £1. Watch out for special event days to level this up even further.

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Signing up is easy! Don't forget to tell us your dog's birthday for bonus party points!

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• Make a purchase
• Create an account
• Refer a friend
• Add pet's birthday
• Sign up to e-mails
• Like us on Facebook
• Follow us on Instagram

Subscribers earn 3x points on all purchases.



Points = Rewards, choose from the following

£5, £10, £20+ VOUCHERS

Use for money off your next subscription or just for a one off purchase.

Free gifts

Swap your points for free treats, supplements or dental sticks

Charity donations

Give your points to a pooch in need and support Woodgreen pets charity.

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More points = more rewards to treat your pooch

Help & FAQs

What is PoochRewards?

When you join PoochRewards, you become a member of our community of pet lovers who are using food as medicine and looking after their pet with the power of positive nutrition. We want to reward you for doing this which is why we came up with our loyalty program to do just so. 

By continuing to purchase with us and come along with us on our journey, you’ll earn points which you can spend towards rewards both for your pooch, other pooches and for yourself. 

How do I join PoochRewards? Is it free?

Yes it’s completely free and all you need to do to join our pack is to create an account on our website. By just doing this alone you’ll receive 100 points, and if you're creating an account at the same time as purchasing your first subscription, you'll be given 300!

Who can join PoochRewards?

Anybody! Providing we ship to your country, anybody can join.

How does your reward program work?

To put it simply you earn points by shopping and interacting with us and in return we reward you for being a loyal customer. Some of these rewards are for money off vouchers to spend online, free products or you can simply use your points in a philanthropic way to make charitable donations. However, we’re always looking at more and better rewards in the future so stay in the loop because we’ll be adding to these all the time.

How can I earn points?

We're always looking at new ways to earn points but for now you can earn points by;

• Making a purchase at you can earn 1 point per £1 spent 3 points for subscribers). Time to time we will have double or triple points events so there may be occasions for you to earn more here too.

• Creating an account. This will earn you 100 or 300 points depending on if you're creating as you make your first subscription order.

• Referring friends can earn you 250 points (750 if you're a subscriber)

• Entering your pet’s birthday. (250 points, 500 for subscribers)

• You can earn 20 points for signing up to our email newsletter (double for subscribers)

• Like us on Facebook will net you 20 points (double for subscribers)

• Following us on Instagram can get you 20 points. (double for subscribers)

What am I agreeing to by joining PoochRewards?

By joining PoochRewards you’re signing up to become a part of our community of pet lovers who are using food as medicine and looking after their pet with the power of positive nutrition. You’re also agreeing to receive service related emails regarding your account status and points balance. This includes a monthly summary detailing any pending, or approved points that you have available to you so you’re always in the loop and know what available rewards you can claim. We may in addition send you emails from time to time to let you know of any double points events and when new rewards have been added.

Can I earn points when purchasing Pooch & Mutt products from another website or in store?

Unfortunately at this time you can only earn your PoochRewards points through our website however it’s not something we’d rule out adding for the future.

Where can I see how many points I have earnt?

You can view your points balance on the overview section of your account or within the PoochRewards section of your account. Both of these places will also tell you if you have any points pending.

What does pending points mean?

Pending points are given after you’ve completed your action to earn points, (eg. making a purchase) but when there hasn’t been enough time for those points to fully process into available points yet. They normally process within a few weeks.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?

Nope, you can earn and earn as much and as many points as you like. Some of the actions can only be completed once however the points designated from purchases are completely unlimited!

How do I spend my points?

Head to your account when logged in and select the area for PoochRewards. Once you have met the available thresholds, you can exchange your points for rewards and vouchers to spend on future orders. 

Find the tab titled “GET REWARDS”, select the reward you would like to redeem your points for by clicking the button “Get”. 

(Note only the rewards where you have enough points will be available to you, the rest will be greyed out.) 

Once you have selected the button, you’ll be asked to confirm if you’d like to redeem? By selecting YES on vouchers and free products you’ll be given a discount code which you can copy to either use immediately or click X if you would rather save it for later. If you didn’t want to use your code straight away, you’ll be able to find it at a later date in the “MY REWARDS” tab. You can come back to this at any time to find your discount codes to use.

Can I save up all my claimed vouchers and use them all together to get my order completely free?

Unfortunately not, voucher codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or discount codes.

If I don’t use my full money off voucher, will the rest be saved for my next order?

No, at this time we’re afraid unless you use the full money off voucher in one purchase, you wouldn’t be able to use the rest on a different order.

Will my points or vouchers expire?

Points will never expire. Vouchers will expire two years after claiming.

What happens to my points if I return a product or my order is cancelled?

For any product that’s returned to us or cancelled before fulfillment, your points earned on this will be reversed.

Help I didn’t save my reward voucher code, how can I find it?

You’ll be able to find any vouchers and rewards you may have claimed but not spent in the “MY REWARDS” tab.

How does the refer a friend program discount work?
  • If you share your unique referral code (found in your PoochRewards section of your account) with your friend who is not already an existing customer, they will get £10 off their first purchase and if they spend over £30, you’ll earn 250 points in return. (750 For a subscriber)
  • Friends must spend at least £30 on our Online Store using the referral link to redeem offer
  • Referrer will receive 250 points (750 For a subscriber) at our Online Store only when a friend makes their first purchase.
    Points will be allocated when order has been dispatched and may show as pending until after the returns window.
  • If a friend you refer cancels or returns their order then your pending points will be cancelled and removed from your account
Can I share my points with a friend and gift someone else a money off voucher?

You are currently unable to send someone else points or money off vouchers as the code is linked to your account, however it’s something we are looking at being able to do in future.

My points aren't applying to my account when I make an order online?

Your points can only be applied to your account if you are logged in when you reach checkout. Please also bear in mind it can take some time to process so check the area that states ‘pending points’ after the order has been fulfilled. If you have forgotten to log in then don't worry, you can contact our customer service team at [email protected] with your name, email address and order number for us to apply these to your account.

How do I add my dog’s birthday into my PoochRewards account?

If you head over to the PoochRewards section of your account and find the Ways to Earn section on the overview. 

Here you’ll see an icon for Pet’s birthday. 

Click the “Complete Activity” and enter the birthday in here.

When did your rewards scheme change?

We updated our PoochRewards scheme in August 2020 to make it easier for you to collect and manage your points online. Points are only available on purchases made from, and can be exchanged for rewards to spend on future orders on the website. You can now also earn points on your dog's birthday and if you refer a friend to Pooch & Mutt. 

How do I leave the program?

If you no longer wish to earn points, please contact us and ask to be unenrolled.

We'll unenroll you and you will lose any points you have accrued. If you decide to leave and then want to rejoin just contact us and we'll re-enroll you. However, your point total will begin from zero.