Healthy Dental Sticks For Dogs

A Dental Stick a day keeps the pooch dentist at bay!


Are dental sticks good for dogs’ teeth?
Dental sticks are a nifty way to clean your dogs’ teeth because they’re essentially a toothbrush disguised as a tasty chew. They’re specifically designed to reduce plaque so that you don’t have to handle the often frustrating saga of cleaning your dog’s teeth manually (though teeth-cleaning should still be included as part of their regular grooming routine).
Some brands of dental sticks can lead to weight gain, especially if they’re fed to dogs too often. It’s important to check the calorie content and ingredients of the dental sticks you choose to avoid your pooch consuming more than they need. Pooch & Mutt Dental Sticks, for example, contain a superfood complex to help keep your dog healthy and lean.
Just as humans clean their teeth daily, it’s fine to feed your dog one dental stick every day - and we recommend it on the side of our packaging.


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