Father’s Day ideas for pooch papas

Updated 11 June 2024
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Written by Elle Padgham
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Being a pooch paps is one of the most wholesome jobs in the world. 

Being responsible for a precious bundle of waggy-ness, and making their life feel fun, fulfilled and healthy is irreplaceable. And of course, the endless joy they bring in return is priceless.

So whether this Father’s Day you’re looking for some dad & dog bonding time, or you’re planning a memorable day for a deserving dog dad in your life - then look no further.

A man and woman with their golden coloured dog, against a pale orange background


A zen kind of Father’s Day


If you’re on the hunt for a more chilled kind of celebration, we have plenty of ideas up our sleeve:

1. Breakfast in bed - Change up the morning and enjoy breakfast in bed together. There’s no morning like a morning filled with slobbery kisses. Enjoy your bestest breakfast in comfort together - there’s even certain foods you can both have a bowl of. 

Dogs love eggs, just make sure they’re fed in moderation and without any added extra ingredients or seasoning.

 2. A movie marathon - Get your hooman and pooch snacks at the ready, a glass (and bowl) of your favourite tipples (there’s some great doggo-friendly options out there!) and flick over to your chosen streaming site. 
If there’s something in particular your fur bestie loves to watch, then stick it on and snuggle up.

Our guess is something that's animal related will get their tail wagging…

3. Bubble-gun fun - Limited movement needed from you, and loads of fun for them. Plan ahead and invest in a bubble-gun, fill with dog-friendly bubbles (you can get flavours like bacon or cheese, just to name a couple), and watch them pop away.

Their reaction will have you in stitches, and they’ll never want you to put them away.


A dark-haired man, feeding his golden coloured dog Pooch & Mutt treats from the bag, against a pale pink background


An adventurous kind of Father’s Day


If being out-and-about together is more your vibe, then check out our suggestions below:

1. A Sunday of sports - Who says sports are just for playing with your mates? Not us. There’s plenty of sports your pooch will love to play with you (just don’t bring a ref along). Try football by dribbling the ball and letting them try to tackle you, or practice some penalties and watch them chase the ball across the pitch.

Alternatively, get your tennis ball and racket, practice your swings against a wall and allow them to play ball kid.

2. A dad & dog hike - If you’re the hiking types, then get your walking gear together and appreciate hours of bonding with great views. Pick a new hike you’ve not done before to make it feel super special - they’ll love all the new sights, sounds and smells.

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water, treats and poo bags

3. Waggy on the water - Most dogs love being around water, and there’s plenty of boat hires that allow your pooch to accompany you when out. So whether it’s a canoe, kayak or sailing boat - get your life jackets on and spend some quality time in mother father nature.


Let us know what you've been up to to celebrate!

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