Celebrating Mother's Day with your pooch

Updated 06 March 2024
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Written by Elle Padgham
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Celebrating Mother's Day with your pooch

Happy Mother’s Day to all the pooch mamas out there. It's time to celebrate with your favourite four-legged friend!


And what could be better than a day full of fun pawrent/doggo activities?

Breakfast in bed

A day that warrants breakfast in bed? Absolutely.


To keep your pooch entertained while you embrace the magic moment, give them a lick mat which can be spread with peanut butter (xylitol-free so it's safe), cottage cheese, natural yoghurt or sweet potato mash. To make it last longer, you can always freeze it too.

Another option is a rubber ‘Kong’ toy, which can be filled with tasty layers of food:

  • For the first layer, use something that's within easy reach for a doggo tongue - we have a whole range of treats available that'd work perfectly.
  • For the next layer, introduce cooked pieces of chicken, turkey or white fish.
  • Finally, use something extra tasty to entice your dog into the Kong, like some low-fat cream cheese.
  • Experiment with different ingredients and, just like lick mats, Kongs can also be frozen to last longer (giving you longer to enjoy that well-deserved breakfast in bed).

Bake some goodies

Roll-up those sleeves for some baking this Mother’s Day. Treats for you, and treats for the fur baby = win-win.


We'll leave it up to you to decide what goodies to bake and consume yourself - but where the pooch is concerned, why not whip up some homemade pupcakes? Check out our banana and peanut butter pupcake recipe. YUM.

Explore a new walking route

Make the most of your special day, by exploring a different route; meaning you can enjoy the new sights, while the pooch enjoys some new sniffs.


We know, it can be slightly frustrating to stop at every weed and tree for a smell, but this is actually one of the most exciting parts of the walk for our pooches, so try not to deprive them!

It's also worth considering, a dog’s exercise requirements (and capabilities) will depend on their age and breed, so be sure not to push your dog too far.


Working breeds such as Spaniels, Retrievers and Collies will be delighted with a few hours of exercise every day, while lap dogs such as Shih Tzus may simply raise their eyebrow and sit down if you suggest anything more than their usual half hour.


Whatever length the walk - enjoy that quality time you'll spend together.


New tricks

Why not incorporate some new and fun learning into Mother’s Day, by teaching your pooch a trick or two? Learning new tricks is a great way to give your dog some mental stimulation.

If your dog's still getting to grips with basic commands such as “sit”, “lie down” and “paw”, you might want to focus on these before moving on to more advanced tricks.

Remember to keep the training sessions fun, and in short bursts to keep them motivated - oh, and of course have the treats at the ready.

Scenting games

If you want to put your feet up for a while and let them occupy themselves, try creating an exciting scent game.


Scenting games are fun for any dog and are a great way to burn off some steam.


Why not hide some kibble and doggy treats around the garden or house? Sprinkle some on the ground (these are the ‘easy’ finds to spark interest) and then place some in ‘trickier’ places such as on benches, or behind plant pots.


Let your dog watch you place the treats while on a lead, then set them free and watch the madness unfold!


Before you get started, double-check your back garden's free from any toxins such as lawn feed, weed killer, slug bait or escape routes!

Comments (3)

Love these ideas! Thank you

Tanya C - Mar 27 2023

I put some of the turkey and cranberry treats and a new toy in an empty box for my little cub this morning she loved it.

Laura-Jane - Mar 27 2023
Pooch Admin

Hi Laura-Jane, That’s a great idea!

I’m glad she enjoyed the treats!

Team Pooch - Mar 27 2023

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