Create a Pooch Christmas Eve Box - with Pooch & Mutt, Bugalugs and Cocopup

Updated 24 January 2024
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Pooch pawrent or mini-person parent - it’s all the same to us! Our little bundles of floof are our babies, and deserve that same Christmas Eve magic that we love to fill our lives and homes with.

One of the staple trends from recent years is the birth of the Christmas Eve Box - and we’re SO here for it. 

Let us help you reimagine the way you do Christmas Eve with your pooch, with some help from our friends at Bugalugs and Cocopup. Think scrumptious treats, festive bath goodies and cosy PJs…  

The morning: THAT Christmas Eve Walk

Nothing says Christmas Eve like getting wrapped up in your knitwear, filling your flask with coffee (and an added warming tipple if you’re that way inclined), and going on a long, wholesome walk with your four-legged favourite. 

Let Pooch & Mutt provide the delicious walkies treats, Cocopup supply the trendy walking accessories, and Bugalugs deliver the essential cold weather balms and creams

Sounds like something from a Christmas movie so far! But there’s also a teeny chance that your pooch gets involved in all sorts of mischief and needs a famous Christmas Eve bath upon their return.

This is where the real magic starts…

The Christmas Eve Box

Once you’re back in the comfort of indoors - adorned with Christmas scents, twinkling lights and festive music, it’s time to present the Christmas Eve Box to your pooch!

If you have kids, this is the perfect time to get them involved too. Surprise everyone together with their Christmas Eve Box, and unwrap the goodies ready for the evening ahead.

How to build your pooch’s Christmas Eve Box

The recipe for THE lushest Christmas Eve Box includes three very important aspects:

  1. Smellies for the pre-Santa bath
  2. Christmas PJs - it’s the law
  3. Something tasty and naughty to eat in front of a family Christmas film

So let’s get building…

Start by getting your hands on a Christmas-esque box to fill with your pooch’s goodies. It could be a festive cardboard box that they can play with afterwards (if you know, you know), a special wooden keepsake that you can keep their toys in afterwards, or something you already have around the house (hello upcycle era).

A Bugalugs Christmas

Now for the filling - and first thing’s first - the Christmas Eve bath! This is where our friends at Bugalugs come in. For Christmas 2023 they have THE most incredible Shampoos and Colognes in sparkling Christmas scents. Is your pooch a bit of Cranberry & Mistletoe or is Gingerbread their thing? There’s only one way to find out…

After their earlier walk, fill the tub with lukewarm water, give them a really good scrub - massaging the Shampoo into their fur and getting rid of all the grime and dirt. The scents are out of this world, which will make bathtime feel super special. Once done, towel-dry them down (or blast them over with the hairdryer if they’ll allow it!), and finish off with a delightful spritz of Cologne.

The products are vegan, paraben free and PH balanced - meaning your pup is being smothered in the good stuff. They’ll smell angelic, and will be absolutely ready for the next phase of Operation Christmas Eve.

Use code POOCH&MUTT15 to save 15% on Bugalugs products.

The Buglaugs Cranberry & Mistletoe Shampoo, against a dark green background

A Cocopup Christmas

Now that they’re fresh and clean with a Christmas gleam, they’ll need something cosy to get into to dry off completely. And one of our favourite brands, Cocopup has JUST the thing for the festive season. The Reindeer Drying Robe!

The epitome of adorable, and bringing the joy of Christmas to everyone in the house - how cute they’ll look in this robe will make your heart hurt. And it’s not just got the looks, it’s got the touch too. It’s soft and snuggly, is made with Premium Microfibre material for maximum absorption, and has velcro patches at the belly and neck for easy fastening and adjustable sizing. Cosy Christmas PJs at their best.

For 25% off, use code XMASEVE25.

A light brown curly-haired dog, laid down, wearing a Cocopup Reindeer Drying Robe. There's a speech bubble coming out from the side saying "Rudolph, is that you?"

Now for the finale before Santa arrives…

A Pooch & Mutt Christmas

Pooch washed and smelling divine? Tick. Snuggled up in their xmas PJs ready for cosy time? Tick. Which only means one thing… SNACKS AND A FILM!

We’re sure during the Christmas countdown you treated them to one of our Luxury Dental Stick Advent Calendars or Cheese Fondue Meaty Treats Advent Calendars. But for the Christmas Eve Box, take it a step further with those festive snacks!

We have a full ski-sonal range that would sit beautifully in their Christmas Eve Box - including our Cheese Fondue Dental Sticks and Cheese Fondue Meaty treats. Or, if they’re wanting something to gnaw on for longer during that Christmas Movie Marathon - then pop a packet of our Fish Hide Chews into the equation.

Our Pooch & Mutt ski-sonal Christmas Range with Cheese Fondue flavoured products, next to a Cheese Fondue pot, against a pale blue background

They’re now Santa ready, part of the family fun with their Christmas Eve Box, and as usual - spoiled rotten with the best treats. The only thing to worry about is what family Christmas film is the best…

Don’t miss out, we have some magical discounts to help you build your box:



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