Wet Dog Food

Totally-tasty, complete grain-free wet food with fresh natural ingredients


How much wet food should I feed my dog?
The amount of wet food you serve your dog at mealtimes depends on their size, age, breed and health condition, so check with your vet if you aren’t entirely sure. To help you out, there’s some portion guidance on the side of all of our Pooch & Mutt packaging. It’s up to you how often you feed your dog, but once in the morning and once at night is about right for most dogs.
Wet food is very good for dogs, so long as you choose a high-quality wet food full of healthy, natural ingredients. Pooch & Mutt wet food is grain-free and leaves out all the junk and filler ingredients found in much commercial dog food, so you can trust that with our recipes, your dog is getting the most nutrition they can.
You can keep unopened wet food in a cool, dry place until it passes the expiration date. Once you’ve opened it, keep the remaining food in the fridge in a sealed container, and use it up within two to seven days.


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