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How many treats per day for a dog?
As always, portion control has a lot to do with your dog’s breed, size and health condition. For easy reference, we’ve added guidance on the packaging of all of our products - and here’s a good article: ‘How many treats should I feed my dog?’ so you’re fully clued up!
You can indeed overfeed treats to your dog, just like humans can overdo it with treats! Even though our healthy dog treats are specially formulated to nourish your dog, you should still stick to a limit of treats per day. Otherwise, your pooch could become unwell, put on weight, or become so full that they refuse to eat their regular meals.
Healthy dog treats are free of junk and nasties, such as the filler ingredients, additives and preservatives present in so many commercial dog foods. Healthy treats for dogs will usually be hypoallergenic, so they’re safer on a dog’s digestion, and contain whole, nutritious ingredients to nourish their physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re curious, try some of our healthy dog treats - dogs love them!


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