Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Gourmet food, meaty treats and festive gifts will have your dog or new puppy begging for more this Christmas!


How to wrap dog Christmas presents?
Dogs love to unwrap presents - but it’s important to be safe. Wrap the paper around the gift as loosely as possible using minimal tape and supervise your pooch during every gift opening session. Throw away the torn paper as soon as possible to discourage any eating or shredding!
There’s so many things that would make great dog Christmas presents, after all, dogs are easily pleased! Get them a brand new chew toy, a weighted blanket, a set of doggy pyjamas, or even some tasty dog treats infused with festive flavours, so that they can feast on Christmas day just like you do.
If you’re feeling a bit indulgent buying your dog a Christmas gift (no, we don’t either), you needn’t worry - a massive 94 percent of dog owners buy a Christmas present for their dog! That’s a whole lot of lucky dogs on Christmas morning.
In short, yes! Because nothing spreads holiday cheer like seeing your pooches tail wag with delight, and giving them a special treat or toy is the paw-fect way to do it.


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