Top tips for travelling with your pooch in the UK

Updated 03 November 2023
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We’re all dreaming of the day when we can hop in our car with our pooch and set off on a relaxing holiday. Perhaps we will hot tail it down to the coast to soak up the sun or head for the mountains to pitch up a tent and reconnect with nature. Wherever it is you and your dog are planning to do to recharge your batteries, read on for some useful advice on travelling together.

For most, the journey starts with a car ride. Not every dog is the perfect passenger and some suffer with anxiety and/or travel sickness when in a moving vehicle. 

You may notice your dog will bark, whine, drool, pant or vomit once the car is moving.

It can help to:

  • Get your pooch used to the car by taking small journeys frequently ahead of time
  • Avoid a heavy meal just before you set off
  • Keep the window slightly ajar to ensure a cooling breeze
  • Keep your pet restrained in a carrier or with a seat belt to prevent them moving about too much and to keep them secure
  • Spray calming pheromones on a blanket in the car
  • Consider playing calming classical music (yes, really!)
  • Take plenty of pit stops

In fact, pit stops can be key to ensuring a journey doesn’t become stressful. By providing lots of opportunities for your furry friend to stretch their legs and have a sniff around, we can prevent frustration. It is also a great idea to bring along a collapsible water bowl and small, digestible meals for them to snack on when out of the car. How long your dog can go between stops will depend on their breed and temperament, but the more stops the better.

Our Calm & Relaxed food and treats are ideal for long journeys and holidays and you may wish to start feeding them a few weeks before the trip, as well as for the duration of it. This can help your dog cope with the new environment and take the change in their stride. Remember though, make any food transitions gradually as you don’t want to be dealing with a dodgy stomach while travelling!

The treats are especially good for rewarding your dog for remaining settled when in the car and can help reinforce good behaviour while travelling. The cylindrical tube fits beautifully in most coffee cup holders and should fit plenty of treats for the ride. The chamomile and L Tryptophan contained should help to minimize stress and may even promote a restful nap.

Remember, if your dog does vomit, try not to get annoyed or punish them. Clean the mess up as quick as you can and reassure your travel companion that all is okay. Give them lots of love as they’re likely not feeling great. If possible, pull over and let them step outside for some fresh air.

TOP TIP: For the nauseous traveller, consider asking your vet for some prescription anti-nausea medicine. While many travel sick pups find things improve with age, this is not always the case for every dog.

Once on your holiday, remember that your dog may find the change in environment and routine tough to handle. They may show this by acting out of character; perhaps more quiet, clingy or hyper than usual. You might also find that they are restless and find it hard to settle. Things that will help them cope include:

  • Trying to stick to a similar routine to what they would be doing at home
  • Bringing along familiar bedding and toys
  • Giving them something to do to occupy their mind while inside, like a scenting game or long-lasting chew
  • Giving them plenty of fuss, attention and reassurance
  • Trying to include them in activities as much as possible so they aren't left alone for too long
Remember, holidays can be relaxing breaks for your pet too. With a little forward planning, they will hopefully enjoy the time away just as much as you!

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