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Updated 29 May 2024
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Written by Corinne Homer
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Some owners believe that ‘a treat is a treat’ and our dogs will be grateful for any food reward they are given. The truth is, not every treat is created equal.

We will get a much better response to our training methods if we use high value rewards when we really need our dog to pay attention and play ball. Dogs are more likely to get excited about these training sessions and results are often faster.

Now, if that isn’t a good motivation for adding high value treats to your toolbox, I don’t know what is! Pooch & Mutt have just launched a high value beef jerky treat option that we know your pet will love. They have been gently dried in low temperatures over 24 hours to lock in nutrients and taste.

Brown dog sniffing a beef jerky snack on a pink background


What is a high value dog treat?

A high value reward is one your dog is sure to get excited about. If offered alongside other food options, they will choose the higher value option every time as it is what they prefer.

Low value treats tend to have a weaker taste and less calories. These can include raw carrot, raw apple and pieces of your dog’s dried kibble.

High value rewards are highly palatable and dogs enjoy the experience of eating them. They will be very keen to get their reward and will work hard for it.


Examples of high value treats include:


  • Chunks of meat like chicken or lamb
  • Cubes of cheese
  • Beef Jerky
  • Hot dog or sausage



The difference between high and low value treats

Some of the main differences between these two types of treats include:


Most importantly, a high value treat is one that your dog perceives to be extra tasty. They would rarely, if ever, turn this treat down as it is just so delectable. While a sense of taste is individual, dogs tend to enjoy meaty flavours. As our beef jerky treat is 90% meat from beef, the taste will be very pleasing to our canine companions.


While omnivores, dogs have an undeniable preference for meat. When a treat smells meaty and satisfying, they’ll show a strong preference for it vs something that is plant based. While jerky may not be as smelly as some wet foods or treats, it still has a strong odour that your dog will easily detect.

*Remember, the smell may not be to your fancy. Dogs enjoy different food smells to us and, for most humans, dog treats aren’t something we’d choose to eat!


Again, the texture a dog enjoys will depend on the dog and what they like. For most, dry biscuits are acceptable but may not be their favourite. In comparison, soft or chewy treats are usually strongly favoured by certain dogs. The soft, leathery texture of beef jerky is a firm favourite of most eaters.


When you would use high value treats 


High Value treats are ideal for rewarding good behaviour so your dog understands when they’ve done a great job. Equally, they are the perfect training tool; something your dog is sure to work hard to earn. There is no denying a dog works harder and is more responsive when there is something on offer that they really want.


A great example of when to use a high value treat is when teaching your dog a brand new command or trying to overcome a phobia or long term behavioural issue (such as separation anxiety). On occasions like this, high value treats are often critical for the success of the training program.


Similarly, when we expect there to be lots of distraction, like when training recall outdoors, we need to use high value treats to keep our dog’s attention. If the reward is not something they are too fussed about, they may choose the scent of a rabbit over their treat.


Beef Jerky is a high value treat that is perfect for both training and treating. Not only this, but it is easy to bring out of the house with you in your coat pocket.


When you would not use high value treats


Interestingly, a high value treat may not always be the best option. If we over-use them, they lose their ‘sparkle’ and no longer have such an impact.


For routine day to day training, ‘lower’ value treats like Pooch & Mutt Meaty Treats are a better option. We should reserve treats like the beef jerky for trickier training sessions.


Why is Pooch & Mutts Beef Jerky a good high-value reward?


This premium gain-free high meat jerky contains all natural ingredients including beef and rosemary extract. Just because a treat is delicious, doesn’t mean it has to be packed with junk and fillers. High value treats can be delectable as well as healthy.


With such a high protein content, these treats are ideal for muscle growth and repair. Not only this, but dogs are hard-wired to seek out and enjoy protein rich foods.


This beef jerky is suitable for all dogs as long as they are over the age of 8 weeks.

Comments (4)

These new Beef Jerky treats are fantastic, my girls love them. As Pooch & Mutt says ‘ a high value treat not to be offered all the time ‘
Fantastic value for money xx

Lizzie Long - Sep 13 2022

Please please restock beef jerky. I bought some to try it out and it went down a treat. I keep on checking to see if it is back in stock. Please folks because we are nearly at the bottom of the bag.

Linde Carr - Sep 13 2022
Pooch Admin

Hi @Lizzie Thanks for your message, we love to hear your dogs are enjoying the jerky. The Pooch pack dogs certainly enjoy it too!

Team Pooch - Sep 13 2022
Pooch Admin

Hi @Linde It will be back very very soon. Sign up for email notifications if you’d like to be alerted!

Team Pooch - Sep 13 2022

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