Can dogs eat Sausage?

Updated 29 May 2024
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Written by Corinne Homer
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Dogs can eat sausages occasionally. Dogs and sausages might seem like a match made in heaven - but they should be fed in moderation as a treat.

As always, there are exceptions; some types of sausage should be avoided entirely.

Read on for all your questions answered on whether dogs can eat sausages, which sausages are okay for dogs, and which are a no-go. 


Are sausages good for dogs?

No, it can’t really be said that sausages offer any health benefits to dogs. They are made of processed meat that’s high in fat and salt, and they’re also likely to contain ingredients that dogs shouldn’t eat, such as onion. Small pieces of cooked, plain sausage can be fed to dogs as an occasional treat. 

Can puppies eat sausage?

It’s not recommended to give puppies any sausage, it’s simply too high in salt and fat. At this early stage in their development, it’s important to keep them on a diet of nutritious puppy food that supports their growth. If you want to use a treat for training, maybe try a piece of cheese or something else less risky. 

Can dogs eat sausage as a treat ?

Sure, sausage is a treat food, if it’s to be fed to dogs at all. However, the sausage should be cut into small pieces, cooked thoroughly and be a plain variety with no added ingredients or flavourings. 

Are there any health benefits?

Though sausage meat contains some protein, it’s not really beneficial enough as it comes alongside a bunch of salt and fat. As it’s a processed meat, it’s also risky if not cooked - raw pork comes with the danger of carrying Trichinosis, as well as other contaminants which could cause nasty food poisoning in your pooch.

When is sausage unsafe for dogs?

Be wary of treating your pooch, as sausage can be unsafe for dogs for a variety of reasons… 

  • When served raw or uncooked sausages are more likely to carry bacteria or contaminants, or contain trichinella (a type of roundworm) which can cause a disease called trichinosis.
  • When in flavoured varieties, they might prove toxic to dogs (for example, sausages that contain onion, garlic or chilli). 
  • Cheap varieties that have a lower meat content may contain all kinds of junk and preservatives that could make your dog ill or lethargic.
  • Too much sausage, too often can lead to health issues and weight gain in your pooch and be generally negative for their diet.
  • If your pooch doesn’t tolerate processed meat, they may have issues digesting sausage and experience some discomfort or sickness. 

Can dogs be allergic to sausage?

Dogs can definitely have an intolerance to processed meat such as sausages, which could be deemed a food allergy. If your dog has trouble digesting sausage, suffers from sickness or diarrhoea, develops a skin rash or irritation or has breathing difficulties, definitely don’t feed them sausage in future.


How to safely give sausage to your dog?

To feed your dog sausage as a treat now and then, be sure it’s cut up into small pieces, well cooked (pan-fried in a low fat oil, or oven cooked), and in a plain, high quality variety with no added flavourings or seasoning.

How much is safe to give your dog?

Sausages should be deemed an occasional treat. The amount depends on your dog’s breed and size, but be aware that treats should make up around 10% of your dog’s overall diet, so consider sausage alongside any other treats you feed your dog. 

What kinds of sausage can dogs eat?

As we know sausage can be an occasional treat food, let’s go into the different kinds and whether they’re a yes or no for your dog’s diet. 

Can dogs eat sausage rolls?

No. It’s best to avoid sausage rolls for your dog - the sausage is wrapped in buttery pastry that is high in saturated fat. No doubt your dog will find it tasty, but there is almost no nutritional benefit and it could make them ill. 

Can dogs eat raw sausage?

Nope - don’t ever feed your dog raw sausage meat. Most raw meat is riskier for your dog than cooked meat, but sausage meat especially, as it could contain trichinella (a type of roundworm) which can cause a disease called trichinosis. Always feed cooked sausage only to your pooch. 

Can dogs eat vegan sausage?

It depends. Though it might not contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs, vegan meat is intended for humans and therefore is a bit of a risk to feed to your pooch. If they’ve eaten some and have no ill effects, that’s great - however it isn’t recommended to feed them vegan sausage meat on the regular. 

Can dogs eat sausage meat?

If you’re making something with sausage meat, that’s fine to feed your dog in small amounts (again, as a treat) so long as it’s cooked and plain, without added salt, ingredients or seasoning. 

Can dogs eat hot dog sausage?

Don’t feed hot dog sausages to your pooch as they’re often full of preservatives, overly processed and actually quite low in nutritious meat. If you want to give sausage to your pooch, let them have some high quality sausage (they deserve it, and their delicate gut will thank you). 

If your dog has accidentally eaten a piece of hot dog as a one-off, however, it probably won’t harm them.

Can dogs eat chicken sausage?

As is the case with pork sausage, chicken sausage is high in salt and fat, with little nutritional benefit to a pooch. Plain, cooked chicken is a much healthier option, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. If your dog eats a piece of cooked chicken sausage, it shouldn’t harm them, however.

Can dogs eat liver sausage?

Though liver isn’t harmful to dogs when fed plain and cooked, liver sausage is a tad riskier. It could contain extra ingredients such as onions or garlic, and is very high fat. Feed your pooch some plain, regular sausage if you want to give it as a treat.

Can dogs eat battered sausage?

No. Don’t give your dog any battered sausage, it’s extremely high fat and salt and won’t benefit your pooch at all. It’s better to only give your dog a piece of sausage if you’ve cooked it at home yourself, so know exactly the quality of the sausage.

Can dogs eat chorizo sausage?

No. Chorizo is particularly high fat, contains strong flavours such as chilli and paprika, and as a cured meat, is also extremely high salt. Don’t give this particular sausage meat to your pooch - a regular, plain piece of cooked sausage is fine as a treat.


We all know dogs love sausages, but they aren’t a healthy option for a pooch. To feed occasionally as a treat, be sure the sausage is of high quality, a plain variety with no added seasoning or flavouring, and cook it well. 

What other foods can dogs safely eat?

If you want to feed your dogs some meaty treats without the risks, why not try the following? 

Meaty probiotic treats for dogs - made with turkey, shrimp or duck, for the hit of meaty deliciousness but with nutritious, gut-balancing probiotics. 

Beef jerky for dogs - for a protein rich snack that is relaxing to chew and easy on the stomach.

Take a look at our nutritious, grain-free treats for dogs if you want to spoil your dog without any of the risks (or guilt!) - made with whole, natural ingredients to support a dog’s healthy body and mind. 

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