Can dogs eat asparagus?

Updated 19 April 2024
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Yes - dogs can eat asparagus. Then again, there are a few safety points to bear in mind when it comes to these nutritious green spears. Let’s go into more detail over the best ways to feed your dog asparagus. 

Is asparagus good for dogs?

Asparagus has a lot of nutritious value for dogs, just as it does for humans. The risk of feeding asparagus to your pooch isn’t in the nutritional content but its toughness to chew and digest - read on for more about this. 

What are the health benefits?

Here are some of the ways eating asparagus could benefit your dog’s health: 

Vitamins A, C and K to improve a dog’s vision, skin and coat condition, boost the immune system and contribute to blood health.

Complex B vitamins, essential for nerve function, energy metabolism, growth and development. 

Source of dietary fibre, vital for a healthy digestive process, firm stools and regular bowel movements. 

Low calorie so can be included as part of a healthy diet or a weight management plan for dogs.

Full of antioxidants to fight off infections and free radicals in the body. 

Can puppies eat asparagus?

Asparagus isn’t a good choice for tiny pups due to its ‘spear-like’ nature and toughness - it’s too much of a choking hazard risk for a pup. If you do want to give your puppy asparagus, you’d have to cook it down to make it soft and chop into chewable pieces, which is likely to greatly reduce its nutritional value (so a bit pointless in the end). 

When is asparagus unsafe for dogs?

Asparagus can be risky to give to your pooch for a few reasons… 

  • They’re spears - quite literally, and this stick-like form makes them somewhat of a choking hazard. They’re safest when cooked and chopped into small pieces, and the tough bottom of the stalk is cut off and discarded.
  • When served raw. Unlike other raw vegetables that are crunchy but fine for a dog to munch on, asparagus is very tough and difficult for a dog to break down unless it’s cooked. 
  • Too much asparagus is bad for a dog, it should only be fed in moderation to avoid digestive problems. 
  • When cooked in oils or seasoning, asparagus can irritate a dog’s stomach or even prove toxic (if it’s cooked in garlic or onion, for instance). 
  • If they’re prone to calcium oxalate crystals or stones. Asparagus is moderately high in oxalates, so should be avoided by pooches who have a history of calcium oxalate crystals or stones.

Can dogs be allergic to asparagus?

Yes, though it’s rare, dogs can have an allergic reaction to asparagus. If you’ve never fed your dog asparagus before and they display any of the following symptoms, don’t feed it to your pooch again: 

  • Reddening, itching, rash on the skin 
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhoea
  • Bloating, stomach pain
  • Difficulty breathing, wheezing 
  • Lethargy, change in behaviour 

Can asparagus make dogs sick?

Asparagus can make dogs unwell if they have an intolerance or allergy to it (as above). Also if you feed a dog too much asparagus, that can cause sickness or digestive issues as it’s a vegetable that should be fed in moderation. 

Raw asparagus is more likely to irritate your dog’s digestive system than cooked. Also, never give whole asparagus to your dog, or serve them the tough ends. These can cause choking hazards (cooked asparagus is the safest!).

How to safely give asparagus to your dog?

Asparagus is trickier to feed to dogs than other nutritious veggies, but if you’d like to get these tasty spears into their diet, just be sure to serve it up safely. This means cutting off the tough bottoms of the asparagus spears, cooking it either by steaming or boiling, and serving it up to your pooch chopped into munchable pieces. Avoid adding any salt or seasonings, oils or sauces. Cooked and plain is best

How much is safe to give your dog?

The correct portion size of asparagus depends on your dog’s breed, size and age, but just bear in mind that it should be a side to your dog’s regular meals. Don’t replace your dog’s daily food with asparagus - be sure they’re getting a wide range of protein, veggies and fruit as part of a balanced doggo diet. Ask your vet if you’re confused over specifics around portion sizes. 

What kind of asparagus can dogs eat?

Now we’ve covered the basics, here’s an overview of the kind of asparagus dogs can safely munch on. 

Can dogs eat raw asparagus?

Dogs can eat raw asparagus but it’s not recommended - when served raw, this delicious veggie is slightly too tough to chew and digest. It’s a much better idea to cook the asparagus. 

Can dogs eat cooked asparagus?

Yes - it’s preferable that a dog eats asparagus cooked in some way so that it’s easier for them to chew on and digest. The safest way is to remove the tough ends, boil or steam the spears, then chop them up. The only issue is that cooking reduces the nutritional value of asparagus - so there are veggies out there that are safer to eat and could offer a dog more health benefits. 

Can dogs eat asparagus stalks/stems?

The stalks are fine to eat so long as the woody ends (not the heads) are removed in advance of cooking. The cooked stems should then be chopped into pieces to remove choking hazards - this should make them tasty and easy for a dog to feast on.

Can dogs eat asparagus ends/tips?

If you’re referring to the base of the spears, no, dogs cannot eat this and nor can humans. To get rid of the tough ends of asparagus, you can break them right off with your fingers (they should snap where the stalk gets softer) or cut them with a knife before cooking. The heads (the floret-like, arrow part of the asparagus) is fine for a dog to eat.

Can dogs eat canned asparagus?

Don’t feed your dog canned asparagus, as it likely comes in salted water, seasonings or oils that will irritate a dog’s tummy and reduce the health benefits of them eating it. Fresh is always best.  


Asparagus is healthy for a dog, with lots of vitamins and antioxidants - but the effort of preparing it and the nutrients that are reduced through cooking might negate these benefits. If you do want your dog to eat asparagus… 

  • Snap or cut off the tough ends of the spears. 
  • Cook the spears, either through boiling or steaming, and without adding salt or seasoning. 
  • Serve to your pooch plain, and chopped into munchable pieces. 


What other foods can dogs safely eat?

If you like the sound of asparagus but seek alternatives, why not try the following? 

Courgette has tons of dietary fibre and vitamins, and is safe for a pooch to munch, either raw or cooked. 

Broccoli is a tasty source of vitamin C and other nutrients, to be served raw or cooked.

Pumpkin is a soft, delicious fibre source for a pooch which is also nutrient dense. Learn more about feeding pumpkin to dogs.  

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