Pumpkin for dogs: Health benefits and suspiciously good snacks

Emma Frain 29 October 2021

This Halloween, instead of hollowing out your pumpkin and throwing the contents in the bin, why not make your pooch a healthy snack? Pumpkin is packed with nutrients and has many health benefits for dogs. You can feed cooked or raw pumpkin and seeds to your dog (as part of a balanced diet) but check with your vet for specific feeding amounts.


Health Benefits of Pumpkin for dogs

1. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals for dogs


Pumpkin is nutrient rich containing a high concentration of Vitamin A (beta-carotene) which plays an important role in eye health. It is also rich in Potassium which supports the metabolism, and helps to regulate blood pressure.

The orange colour of pumpkins comes from carotenoids which are powerful antioxidants that act as an anti-inflammatory and help to slow the ageing process, antioxidants are also found in pumpkin seeds.


2. Pumpkin as a natural de-wormer for your dog


Pumpkin seeds are a safe dewormer and contain the amino acid cucurbitin which helps to eliminate parasites from dog’s digestive tract. You can feed the seeds whole or crush into your dog’s food, check with your vet for effective dosage amounts based on breed and size. Ensure the seeds are natural, and don’t contain added salt or coatings.


3. Pumpkin is packed with fibre


Pumpkin is low in calories and packed with soluble fibre, it is a great addition to your dog’s diet to help them feel fuller for longer. If you have an overweight dog, you could add a tablespoon of pumpkin to their food to help them fill up and add variety, and additional vitamins and minerals.  It is also great to aid digestive issues and keep your dog regular, the fiber also helps to maintain a healthy gut flora by feeding the good bacteria to improve digestive health.



Suspiciously good pumpkin snack ideas for dogs


  1. Try spreading pumpkin on a licki mat for your dog. It will not only keep them good, but also add variety to their diet and offer an alternative source of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Ground the pumpkin seeds and spread them over your dog’s food for an extra boost of antioxidants.
  3. Not planning on creating a creepy pumpkin this Halloween? Don’t worry we’ve taken the hard work out of pumpkin carving with our Chicken, Pumpkin & Pea complete grain-free wet food! It contains all the fresh nutrients without any of the extra mess.