Why is my Dog eating so much Grass?

Updated 16 April 2024
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It can be quite concerning to see our dogs chowing down vigorously on a patch of grass, acting as if we rarely feed them at all. Owners worry not only about the effect the grass itself may have on the dog but also about the possibility of parasites such as intestinal worms and lungworm and toxins such as weed-killer and lawn feed. It is also possible for a grass blade to lodge in the throat, causing discomfort and local infection.

So, why do dogs eat grass? Well, there are various theories and no real consensus as of yet.

  • Some believe it is a trait they have inherited from their ancestors, who are thought to have eaten grass to ‘purge’ themselves of indigestible material in their stomach as well as parasites.
  • Others argue it is all fun and games and dogs enjoy pulling out the long stems, seeing it as entertainment to pass the time. They find their dog is more prone to grass-eating when left alone for long periods in their garden.
  • There is a theory that a number of dogs find the grass tasty, particularly in the Spring and Summer months when the new grass is fresh and full of simple sugars.
  • Those on low fibre diets may potentially eat grass to help bulk up their diet in a natural way.
  • Another suggestion is that those with stomach and digestive issues will eat grass to help deal with the feeling of acid in their stomach and to throw up excess bile.

The true reason is likely a combination of all of the above and, for most, grass-eating is an occasional hobby that doesn’t cause any problems. It is important to ensure the grass has not been recently treated with any toxic products and that dogs are up to date with their parasite prevention.

If grass eating becomes excessive or is accompanied with other signs such as refusal to eat, chronic vomiting or weight loss we would need to look into things as there may be a gastrointestinal problem.

If your dog does have a sensitive stomach and you feel a change in food is worth a try, we recommend feeding balanced and nutritious dog food such as sensitive stomach dog food. All products within this range are carefully selected to be easier on your dog's gut. Why not give it a try?

Comments (6)

Pooch Admin

Hi @Joanne, I would advise to speak to a professional about advice here as it sounds like your pooch may need a dog trainer or behaviourist.

Team Pooch - Mar 07 2022

My dog absolutely loves grass she is only 8 months old, she especially loves it when they’ve just cut the green opposite and it’s all stacked up in piles she is only a little frenchie but she will eat her body weight in it every day, she especially loves when they’ve hit the ground underneath and it’s got mud attached so she can run around with big chunks as a game before scoffing it, I really think they just like the taste just like we like the smell of freshly cut grass, she never has a bad stomach or is sick after or before it she just loves eating it, I often see her pulling at the thick stalky bits that spring up too I think she has a sweet tooth, I know the mud eating is for extra minerals all the dogs in my block when it’s really hot start digging and grabbing chunks of clay ish mud out to eat so maybe grass is a mineral top up also abut like a salad for us or multi vitamins :)

Thomas Anthony - Sep 13 2022
Pooch Admin

Hi Thomas, thanks for your comment it made me smile :) Of course, some dogs do just like the taste and it clearly makes her happy playing in it!

Team Pooch - Sep 13 2022

Hi, l have recently changed both my cockapoos on to health & digestion, initially just our pup – at 8 months, as his poop would often start of well & then go loosish (he was on JWB puppy) then our 3 year old for ease of both dogs on the same food & because she seemed to be bored of her grub ( she was on JWB adult) …. We are 6 & 3 weeks in of being purely on the P&M & both seem to be eating a lot more clumps of cut grass & pups poo hasn’t improved much, may even have got worse, 3 year old who also had great poop b4 has went softer.
We weaned both over a 2 week period with no issues so confused why they they are both wanting to eat the cut grass & sloppier? They both get an additional probiotic daily too so not sure what else to do? Both dogs eat their grub with gusto & for our fussy 3 year old dog that’s a rarity, so disappointed it’s not helping the poop! 🙈

Stacey Brown - Sep 16 2022
Pooch Admin

Hi Stacey Brown! I wouldn’t be too worried about the grass, as the article says, sometimes they just like the taste! It’s quite often the case that poodle breeds have stomach issues though if they’re having toilet problems too. My dog is the same! However their poo shouldn’t be overly soft. It could be they have certain intolerances that you’re not aware about yet. I would see a vet for further advice who can run tests and see what the issue may be. Health & digestion does well for many dogs with sensitive stomachs but if not having a positive outcome for you, there may be something bigger at play so it’s just a case of working with your vet to eliminate other problems. Hope that helps!

Team Pooch - Sep 16 2022

Hi I have a 2 yr old staffy she has to have her anal glands emptyed really often, at the moment we are on burns kibble ,I tried her on the fish flavour it really upset her stomach, lamb seems to suit her what would you suggest if we change to pooch and mutt?

Alison Prout - Dec 07 2022

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