Our new and improved Joint Care Pills: Pooch & Mutt vs Competitors

Updated 29 May 2024
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All pooch parents want their precious furry friends to stay young and active forever - but for so many, the stiff and aching joints caused by ageing or arthritis can be a real cause for worry. Joint disease is very common in dogs, with a huge range of supplements on the market to both delay and treat the symptoms. 

If your pooch is getting wobbly on their feet, or you’re concerned they soon will be, it can be confusing to know just which dog joint care supplements will actually work. 

Equally, being proactive and implementing preventative measures shouldn’t be underestimated. Even when your pooch is in their early years, getting them started on joint health products at a young age can make a huge difference when they start to age.

As a vet, having a powerful joint supplement I can confidently recommend to dog owners is very important to me. So for this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at some of the ingredients in Pooch & Mutt’s new and improved Joint Care Supplement. 

We’ve compared its contents to another big name joint care product, so you can see clearly that when it comes to joint care supplements, Pooch & Mutt’s Joint Supplements are specially formulated to be the absolute top choice you can make for your dog. 


What makes a good joint care supplement for dogs?

To start, let’s go into what makes an effective canine joint care product. 


A powerful joint supplement for dogs should not only boost and protect your dog’s mobility so that they can continue walking, running and playing as you adventure together; it should also fight any inflammation and stiffness in their joints that does emerge so that they feel less pain and discomfort. 


A good joint care supplement will also improve your dog’s wellbeing overall due to the array of benefits it brings to your pooch’s physical body, and their ability to get around. Finally, they need to taste that good -  that your dog wants to munch on them every day.


The problem with lots of joint care products for dogs is that they only contain one or two active ingredients. These are often present in such small doses that they may not have much noticeable impact, whether they’re used as a treatment to joint pain or a preventative measure.


Survey results

In a recent survey, Dr Emma Scales-Theobald (on behalf of Pooch & Mutt) asked owners of dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis, to trial Pooch & Mutt’s Joint Care Supplement on their suffering pooches.


They were asked to report back after 3 weeks, and then again at 6 weeks, to see how the dogs were getting on and whether regular supplement intake had alleviated pain and symptoms of their dog's osteoarthritis. 


Here's what she found:


  • After 3 weeks, 87% of dogs had a reduction in pain severity.
  • After 6 weeks, 82% of owners reported seeing an improvement in their dog's general activity and 86% reported seeing a reduction in how much their dog’s pain interfered with the dog’s daily lives.


Pooch & Mutt’s ‘it factor’ compared to other leading brands

This is why Pooch & Mutt’s new and improved joint care supplement is head, shoulders and paws above the rest on the market! Rather than just a couple of token joint-boosting ingredients, it contains several of the most renowned joint supporting ingredients - at higher concentrations than all others.


As it comes as a tasty tablet, it’s also super easy for your pooch to get their daily dose (you can feed it as a treat!) and start seeing the benefits quickly.


Let’s take a closer look at the powerful ingredients packed into this new super supplement, compared to one of the current market leaders in canine joint pills, Yu Move…

 A Pooch & Mutt table of ingredients in our Joint Pills

A YuMove comparison table of ingredients that do and do not feature in their Joint Pills

You can see in the table just how many beneficial joint-boosting ingredients are squeezed into Pooch & Mutt’s Joint Supplement. As dogs need extra support from supplements as their joints age and wear down, Pooch & Mutt has been sure to include the best and most powerful combination of natural joint care boosters, for maximum improvements to your dog’s physical wellbeing. 


Here’s a summary of how these ingredients work so brilliantly together…  


  • The “big guns”: Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate. There are so many benefits to glucosamine when it comes to canine joint supplements, as it basically makes up the building blocks of cartilage. A dog produces less glucosamine as they age, so getting it from food or supplements is essential in helping their joints bounce back for longer. The combined power of glucosamine and chondroitin make it a joint-protecting super duo, which can help build cartilage, and even increase production of soothing joint fluid.


  • Though both Pooch & Mutt’s Joint Supplements and YuMove contain a good amount of glucosamine and chondroitin, Pooch & Mutt’s have an impressive 33% more glucosamine than YuMove. This makes it a third more powerful in protecting your dog’s sore joints! A no brainer. 

    • Next, Hyaluronic Acid (HA). The word ‘acid’ may sound aggressive, but this vital ingredient is very friendly. It lubricates the joints in a dog’s body and aids in the formation of synovial fluid - a nifty fluid that reduces friction in the joint, allowing for smooth and pain-free movement. Vets are big fans of HA - studies have shown that giving HA to a dog orally after orthopaedic surgery can even reduce early biomarkers of arthritis (1).


  • Both joint supplements contain hyaluronic acid, but Pooch & Mutt’s have significantly more - over 6 times higher concentration compared to YuMove. 

    • Both products have a smart shot of Vitamin C. Rich in free radicals, this healing vitamin has anti-inflammatory effects within a dog’s body and can even stimulate the production of collagen (see below). Vitamin C is also great for boosting the immune system. 


    Now, for two joint-boosting heroes in Pooch & Mutt’s product that YuMove are missing... 


    • MSM (methylsulphonylmethane). Commonly used for arthritis treatment in humans, MSM is now gaining traction in the veterinary community. MSM is so useful because it not only reduces inflammation and swelling, but slows down the gradual degeneration of a dog’s joints. What’s more, there is some good data available to suggest it fights pain in the joints too (2).


    • Next, Collagen is a powerful accomplice to glucosamine and chondroitin. It’s one of the fundamental building blocks of connective tissues, and this combination of ingredients has been proven to demonstrably reduce joint pain in doggy patients (3).


  • Pooch & Mutt’s Joint Care Supplement has a healthy dose of both MSM to slow down joint degradation, and collagen to work with glucosamine and chondroitin; YuMove’s supplement doesn’t contain either of these. 

    A red-coloured retriever running, against an aqua blue background

    In conclusion…

    As a vet I’ve tried a lot of canine joint products, and the new Joint Supplement from Pooch & Mutt is far and away outperforming other brands on the market. It simply has more to offer your pooch - with a smart, diverse combination of the best, natural joint-care ingredients, and in higher concentrations.


    It easily contends with the best-known brands in petcare and should be absolutely top of your doggo supplement wishlist. I recommend it to all of my clients!


    It’s also available in two sizes, so you could try the small size, then stock up on the larger size when it’s fully implemented into your pooch’s daily diet. Alternatively, it goes without saying that the small pills are better suited to smaller breeds, and the large to bigger breeds.



    What other products are good for dog’s joints?

    If you’re keen to start protecting your pooch’s joints today (and we recommend it), there are plenty of other products to try out. 


    • Mobile Bones for dogs, a bone-strengthening supplement with 16 active ingredients, is perfect for supplementing your dog’s diet to protect their joints and help them lead a more active life. 
    • Packing all the joint-supporting foods you can into your dog’s regular diet is just as important as supplements. Why not try the delicious, omega-rich Joint Care Dry Food for Dogs? 


    More questions about joint care for dogs?

    Grabbing a high-performance joint supplement like Pooch & Mutt’s is just one step to prolonging the adventures between you and your furry companion. 


    If you’re concerned about your dog getting wobbly on their feet, either due to age, an injury, genetic disposition or a health condition, there are so many ways to support your dog’s joints for a strong, energised and happy pooch who will be bounding alongside you for years to come. 


    And it’s never too early so start. Preventative measures are just as important as support - so even as a young pooch, you should be considering their joint care health.


    Get in touch if you have more to ask about joint issues for dogs, or if you have any anecdotes or success stories using our joint care supplements, we’d love to hear them!

    Whether for treatment or a preventative measure, Pooch & Mutt’s Joint Care Supplements are specially formulated with high levels of natural, joint-strengthening active ingredients, to mobilise and soothe your dog’s aching joints. Try it in a small or large size, or even combine with our other nifty Joint Care products for dogs.

    Comments (5)

    My dog is 55kilos what size tablet and how many per day please

    Kim - Mar 13 2024

    Can both the joint care pills and mobile bones be used at the same time, or should you just give one or the other?

    Tracey - Apr 16 2024
    Pooch Admin

    Hi Tracey,
    We would advise feeding one or the other, but not both at the same time. Our Joint pills contain more active ingredients than the mobile bones supplement and would be the better option if your pooch is struggling with mobility. :)

    Team Pooch - Apr 16 2024

    Hi, please can you tell me how many large tablets are in the 100g and also the 230 size. As I wish to know how many days each would last based on a 30kg dog which you say would require 6 daily.

    John - Jun 10 2024
    Pooch Admin

    Hi John,
    Our 100g tub of large pills contain approximately 60 tablets, whilst our 230g tub contains around 110. :)

    Team Pooch - Jun 10 2024

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