Puppy Packs: What should be included?

Updated 20 June 2024
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As pooch experts, breeders know better than anyone the adventure that awaits new puppy owners  - both the fun times and the more challenging times. That’s why sending owners off with a fully stocked puppy pack is not only a nice gesture but also gives them everything they could need to make sure their pup is happy and healthy in their first weeks at home.

 But what exactly goes into a puppy pack? In this article, we’ll clue you up on everything you need to know about puppy packs, including what’s in them, why they're important and, if you’re a breeder, why you should consider creating one.

What is a puppy pack?

Reputable breeders, who pride themselves on responsibly breeding happy and healthy pups, will often give out puppy packs, along with your new little furry friend. This should include all the important documents and information about the puppy, as well as any helpful add-ons to further assist with the transition away from their brothers and sisters. 

These documents will not only help families get to know their new pup better but steer them in the right direction regarding their health and overall care. Between emotions running wild, excitement, and filling up photo storage with puppy selfies, puppy packs can be somewhat of a blessing when getting started!


Why is a puppy pack important?

When getting a puppy, it's not only a big day for the family, but for the pup as well. It’s going to be their first time away from their mum, their brothers and sisters, and the place they’ve called home for the past 7-8 weeks. That said, their first couple of weeks at their new forever home should be made as smooth as possible. This is where a puppy pack comes in.

Not only does a ready-made pack of puppy essentials come in handy when getting a new member of the family, but it also helps ensure that;

  • Owners have high-quality puppy products that have been carefully selected to aid the puppy’s health and development.
  • Owners are clued up on their pup before their arrival so they can make preparations - whether that be for training or around the home.
  • Owners have much-needed support and guidance at their fingertips!

What’s usually included in a puppy pack?

What is included in a puppy pack will most likely depend on the breeder, but you’ll often find:

Essential documentation and paperwork

They’ve only been in the world for 7-8 weeks but believe it or not, puppies come with lots of important paperwork. For some breeders, this may be the extent of the puppy pack, as this information is crucial to keep note of before the puppy comes home. 

Essential puppy documentation and paperwork may include;

  • An invoice or documentation detailing the sale.
  • A full health report including all of their vet visits, treatments, worming, and vaccinations. This could also include health tests from the pup’s mum and dad so you can track any hereditary issues.
  • Their microchip registration certificate as it’s unlawful to sell a dog or puppy without one. The aligning address and owner on the microchip certificate can be changed once the puppy is in their forever home. 
  • The breeder’s contact information for any questions or queries you have about your puppy once they’re home.


Information about the breed

As us dog lovers know, not one dog is the same - and that goes for their personality as well as their breed! If a first-time puppy owner or a first-time owner of a specific breed, it’s always good to know a little bit about the breed’s characteristics.

Breeders usually tend to stick to breeding one type of dog, meaning they’ll have access to all the information needed for the new fur baby and what kind of traits can be expected. 

So whether it’s an energetic Border Collie or a food-loving Labrador, training and socialising schedules can be adapted with readily available breed-specific information.

Puppy food and treats

When the puppy is ready for pick up, they will have already transitioned from feeding from their mum to eating solids. Breeders should always let new puppy owners know what kind of food they’ve been feeding the puppy so they can be fed the same at their new home. 

As a new puppy parent,  if you’re happy with the puppy food the breeder has been using, you can continue using it but you’re welcome to change it to something that you feel is better. 

It’s important to remember to never change your puppy’s food straight away as at their young age, they have very sensitive tummies and digestive systems. A change in food should be introduced gradually; mixing portions of the new food with the old little bits at a time so they can adjust.  

Pooch & Mutt’s Puppy Wet Food and Puppy Complete Dry Superfood is a great option for either a puppy pack or for when your puppy comes home. Specially formulated for tiny, sensitive tummies, Pooch & Mutt’s Puppy Food has a gentle formula that’s vet-recommended and contains delicious, healthy ingredients like chicken, sweet potato, and salmon oil. Not only does it taste great, but aids their development so they can start life with their best paw forward!

Something with the mother’s scent

As we’ve already mentioned, the day your puppy comes home is just as big for them as it is for you. Not only is it full of new sights and smells, but it can also cause stress as they spend time away from their mum and the rest of their litter.

A great puppy pack addition is a blanket or toy that has spent time with the puppy’s mother or where they’ve been living. This way, a familiar scent can be taken home to help the pup ease into their new environment. 

Puppy training tools and supplies

Not an essential, but a nice add-on in a puppy pack are things that will help the training of the pup. These might include;

  • Toilet training pads
  • A clicker
  • A whistle
  • Enrichment toys

As an owner, you’re not obliged to use the given products, especially if you have other training plans, but they’re a great starting point. You never know, that toilet training pad might come in handy on the way home!


Puppy toys and accessories

At an early age, puppies need toys that align with their needs, whether it’s smaller-sized balls, teething toys, or soft cuddly teddies that will, for now, replace their once-crowded sleeping quarters. 

Other accessories might include feeding bowls, blankets, and their first collar.

Puppy advice, resources and recommendations

Reputable breeders dedicate their livelihoods to bringing healthy, happy puppies into the world and into a new family. As the number one pup expert, precious puppy advice straight from a breeder is a golden addition to a puppy pack, as well as tried and tested resources and product recommendations. 

This might include tips for toilet training and crate training, as well as names of recommended brands,  trainers, and behaviorists.

What to do if a breeder hasn’t provided a puppy pack

Sadly, providing a good puppy pack is at the breeder's discretion. However, by law, a breeder should hand over your puppy already microchipped, with documented evidence. Other than that, it isn’t a legal requirement for a breeder to give anything else. 

However, credible breeders should hand over all the necessary information for the puppy, including vaccinations and previous treatments. But if they don’t, as the proud new owner, don’t be afraid to ask for any information before settling the final payment. 

This also goes for anything else you’d like to see in your puppy pack, whether that’s something with the mother’s scent on, or a sample of their current puppy food. 

If you’re not getting the puppy pack you expected from a breeder, you can always shop around for a premade one, ask your vet for a puppy pack, or with the right research, make your own!

By preparing your puppy pack with puppy toys, accessories, treats, resources, and supplies, you can ensure you are fully stocked and ready for your pup’s anticipated arrival. 

How to put together a puppy pack

Whether you’re a breeder prepping one of your pups for their new life, or a soon-to-be dog mum or dad getting ready for your fur baby to come home, there’s no harm in going all out when preparing a puppy pack. Let’s face it, shopping around for puppy stuff can be one of the most exciting parts!

Choosing the presentation

Now you could stuff all your puppy pack items into a bag and send it on its way but, why not jazz it up a bit? Especially as a breeder, this could be a nice gesture for your pup’s new owners. 

If you’re going all out with supplies, toys, and resources, you could consider presenting it in a cute, pup-friendly basket that could later be used as a toy box. 

Choosing the type of puppy pack

You can customise your puppy pack according to breed, size, personality, or any specific needs you’ve found them to have in their first weeks of life. For instance, they may be showing signs of anxiety or digestive issues, which means the puppy pack could contain everything needed to tackle that kind of training and diet. 

Completing the puppy essential checklist

Since microchipping certificates, worming and vaccination documents, and contracts of sale are essential components to a good puppy pack, it’s also a great way to make sure all of the necessary admin for a new puppy is complete and ready to go.

Choosing the right products

If you’re sending your puppy off to their new home, or shopping around for your own puppy pack, you must be stocking up on the best possible puppy products. 

It’s important to know the right things to look out for when shopping for puppies, as their first few months of life and growth are crucial. As previously mentioned, when they’re this little, puppy tummies are sensitive and require gentle but healthy ingredients. 

Ingredients like chicken, carrots, and sweet potato have great nutritional value and are super easy for your pup to digest. That’s why here at Pooch & Mutt we’ve made them key ingredients in our puppy range, so you can relax in knowing that the pup is getting everything they need.

If you’re a breeder putting together a puppy pack, or you’re waiting on the arrival of your new pup, be sure to check out Pooch & Mutt’s Puppy food. Both the wet and dry food options contain healthy and gentle ingredients so you can have peace of mind in their first few months, as well as a healthy, happy puppy!

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