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Updated 16 April 2024
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Written by Elle Padgham

 It’s no secret that at Pooch & Mutt we’re a team of animal lovers, so we thought it was about time we introduced you to the pooches behind the people that supply your dog’s their dinner! Meet some of the team members that work at Pooch & Mutt and learn about our very important pooches! They’re the taste testers to all our products, so find out what we feed our own pooches and why.

Owner: Lauren
Role: Social Media & Community Manager
Pooch: Elton
Breed: 9 month old Cockapoo (I know I don't look like one, they call my type a smoothie).
Loves to steal socks and slippers, although he’ll always drop them for a Meaty Treat. He also uses the sofa as a jungle gym/ sits on the top of it like it's pride rock. He’s  very cheeky but very cuddly, a perfect hot water bottle for me all day!
Elton has been fed solely on Pooch & Mutt food from 8 weeks of age. He has Puppy Superfood and Puppy Wet Food mixed on top which he goes crazy for every single day. He even spins when the carton comes out. I feed Elton Pooch & Mutt because it's super nutritious and he actually enjoys his food. One of my favourite things about the puppy kibble is that it includes Salmon Oil, and we get lots of compliments on how soft his coat is because of this! 

Picture of 2 dogs, one 1 is a German Shepherd and the other is a Labrador

Owner: Paula
Role: CRM Manager
Pooches: Bonnie (aka Bon) & Max
Breed: Bon is a 12 ½ year old German Shepherd who I got when she was just 8 weeks old, she’s still my baby even though she’s a senior! I also have a 5-year-old CRAZY Chocolate Labrador named Max; he was rescued around 3 years ago.
I started here in October 2021 but have been feeding my two dogs Pooch & Mutt for 2 years now! Both of my pooches have suffered with joint problems terribly. Bon is an old girl who experiences arthritis, and Max has had multiple operations after damaging his Cruciate Ligament (I said he was crazy). I originally discovered Pooch & Mutt whilst looking for grain free alternatives to the previous food I was using… this led me to discover the Joint Care range!  Since using Joint Care dry food, I've seen a vast improvement in their mobility. They no longer struggle as much as before, and their walks become longer. I also add some of our Salmon Oil to their food, which is also known to aid stiff joints, and they have honestly never looked healthier! Their coats are soft and shiny, and they certainly enjoy it too!

Picture of a Hungarian Visla sleeping

Owner: Alex
Role: Head of Sales
Pooch: Nala
Breed: Hungarian Vizsla. Part of a litter of 13 Nala was born in Sussex and her mum Zulu was quite relieved to see her pups go at 8 weeks but we share an update with her about every 6 months to show how Nala is doing.
Vizsla's are known as velcro dogs and Nala is no exception, she's super affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle and a tummy rub even though she's a bit big to be a lap dog these days! She does need plenty of exercise though and when she's not out running with me she loves to go exploring in the woods and will chase anything that moves, although her ball is the only thing she's been able to catch.
I feed Nala a mixture of Calm & Relaxed kibble and top this with a carton of our Wet Food. Nala does lots of running around and eats a lot! In addition to help support all of her joints and keep her skin looking really shiny, she gets a spoonful of Mobile Bones and Salmon Oil in the morning with her food. Then in the evening I give her a spoon full of Bionic Biotic with her dinner to soothe her tummy (she eats a lot of grass/sticks on our walks). I also use the Meaty Treats to help with her training, she loves them all especially our Calming Treats which have been amazing for teaching recall.

picture of a dog Staffordshire terrier

Owner: Cat
Role: Partnerships Manager
Pooch: Tilly
Breed: 12 year old rescue Staffy

"I'm Cat, the (ironically named) Partnership Manager here at Pooch & Mutt. I live up by the Peak District with my partner and 12 year old rescue Staffy, Tilly. 
We've been feeding Tilly the Joint Care dry food recipe with a topping of Chicken Pumpkin & Pea wet food and a teaspoon of the Mobile Bones supplement for almost 2 years now and the difference in her mobility has been incredible. She began struggling on long walks in the hills and couldn’t jump up onto her favourite armchair at home around 2 years ago, so we actually built her a makeshift step to help her get up and switched her diet to Pooch & Mutt. After about 6 weeks of her new Pooch & Mutt diet, we were able to remove the makeshift step and she's even been mistaken for a bouncy pup a few times, when running around our local park recently, the difference is incredible. 
It's been amazing working for Pooch & Mutt and learning more about Tilly’s nutritional needs, but nothing beats seeing the real life benefits and happiness her new diet has given her!

Picture of a Bedlington Terrier dog 

Owner: Rhiannon
Role: eCommerce Manager
Pooch: George
Breed: 4 year old miniature red Poodle
I’m Rhiannon the ecommerce manager at Pooch & Mutt, ensuring that all your shopping needs and experience is met! I have a loveable 4 year old miniature red poodle called George who came to us 6 months ago.
His favourite things are sausages, walks, stealing socks, playing frisbee, being with the rest of the pack and eating tissues (even though we try to stop him!).
@georgetheredpoodle or Porge as he is sometimes known within our house, loves all of the Meaty Treats and has just started on the Calm & Relaxed dry food mixed with the Chicken Pumpkin & Pea wet food. He has previously spent a lot of his life with just 1 person inside and so is a bit of an anxious dog at times that doesn’t like being alone, so the functional calming range seemed a good place to start with him. We have seen a noticeable difference since we started him on it and he no longer cries at night when we go to bed. Success!

Picture of a Doberman dog

Owner: Emma
Role: Head of Brand
Pooch: Malfy
Breed: 11 month old Doberman Pinscher
I’m the Dobermum to a crazy miniature horse and my role at Pooch & Mutt is to make sure everyone knows who we are as a brand.
Malfy Mayhem as he is otherwise known, is a handful, he has never ending energy and loves to chase a ball. He’s a very big goofy pup and I don’t know what I would have done without him working from home over the last 9 months, he’s my best friend so I always want to make sure I’m providing him with everything I can to give him the best, healthiest life. That’s why I use the Bionic Biotic supplement, which I believe is a great addition to every dog’s diet (like a daily multivitamin), it contains ingredients to look after digestion, skin & coat health. Malfy used to have dandruff and suffer from skin irritation, but since using the supplement he now has a gorgeous glossy coat. He also has the Daily Care Joint supplements, he is a big dog which are prone to joint disease, he's also very active, so I give him these supplements as a preventative measure to minimise the risk of him suffering from painful mobility issues in later life. They are small tasty tablets, so I feed them through the day as a treat and he LOVES them! Malfy also enjoys all of the Pooch & Mutt Treats but I predominantly buy the Turkey & Hemp Meaty Treats to help keep him calm whilst training (which is usually a struggle) and in the evening before bedtime so he gets off to a good sleep.


Fox red Labrador dog

Owner: James
Role: Head of eCommerce
Pooch: Parson
Breed: Fox Red Labrador, from a littler of 9, Parson made the move from the North to become a Pooch living the London life.

In the words of Parson...I just love a tennis ball and I've been known at times to do a runner with some of my fellow dog friends balls in hope of adding to my current collection of around 7! I also recently learnt a new trick of how to open the pantry cupboard so I can go and help myself to some of my favourite treats, however, my owners for some reason have now moved them really high up that I can't reach them anymore. I love human ears and if you give me the chance, I'll lick them at any opportunity. I also love long walks in the fields and enjoy nothing more than playing with my dog friends in a game of stick chase.

My tail never stops wagging, I'm a really happy kind of boy, who just loves to make my Pooch parents and any other humans happy.
I'm never not hungry, if you left a 10kg bag of my favourite Pooch & Mutt dog food, I cam promise you I could eat it all.
Play time is all the time for me, and I love to learn new things, my most recent new trick is how to do a spin and then roll over. I love the ladies and I think I'm a real ladies man, but at the moment I don't have a girlfriend to look after.

Parson was born with a small elbow dysplasia issue on one of his front legs which as we know can be a very common issue within Labradors. So the food we wanted to give Parson had to support his joint issue so he can live a great and active life.

Parson takes the Joint Supplements daily which have been a true help in reducing any issues for him, one of the main reasons we give them to him are that they are packed with the key ingredient Glucosamine, which is what his, and the Pooch & Mutt vet recommended. We also give him a small amount of Salmon oil on top of his dry food, which is full of Omega 3 and can be a great support in improving and maintaining good joints.

For his food, we feed him Health & Digestion dry food due to him not doing well with higher fat percentage foods, along with either the Chicken, Pumpkin & Pea or Fish, Potato and Pea wet food as a topper.

We hope you found the insights into our Pooches and Purr fun, interesting and educational. To see our full range of food and supplements, simply click the link here: Shop Pooch & Mutt

Feel free to also leave us a comment below letting us know all about your pooch and their favourite pooch food!


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