Top tips for keeping your dog calm during a storm

Updated 06 October 2022
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As the Met Office released yet another storm warning for areas of the UK, pet owners might find themselves with worried or anxious dogs as the storms roll in. Not only is this stressful for the dogs, but also for their owners.

Thankfully, you can keep your dog calm during a storm if you follow these top tips.


Tire them out before the storm begins

Getting your dog sleepy before the storm begins will help to get them into a calm state of mind before the storm begins. Keep an eye on the weather forecast to get an idea of when the storm is due to start and take your dog on a long interesting walk beforehand, have them socialise with other dogs and even practice some training. Both the mental and physical stimulation should tire them out enough to help them sleep through most of, if not all of the storm.


labrador wearing wellies


Lead by example and stay calm yourself


When the storm starts, be cautious not to act unsettled yourself. We often forget that dogs can quickly pick up on our body language and stress levels which may in turn upset them if they sense that you are anxious. Act calm and confident and try not to fuss with them too much as this can cause them to feel stressed.


Create a safe haven away from windows


Feeling safe is really important to dogs, especially in times of fear. Creating a safe haven for them will give them somewhere to retreat to, to feel safe and secure. This could be anywhere in your home, but ideally away from any windows where they are likely to hear the thunder more or see the lightning. Make up a cosy bed with a pillow, throws and blankets for them to snuggle into or even hide under.

For more anxious dogs, this ‘safe haven’ might need to be a little closer to your bed so they have that extra added security of knowing you are close by.


Offer them a distraction


Distraction is a great way to take your dog's mind off of the big scary storm outside and avert their focus to something more enjoyable. Offering your dog a nice chew that will take them some time to get through, or a treat filled Kong will keep their attention away from the storm and help them to feel calmer as they settle down for the night.


Play some background sounds


Background sounds are another great way to distract your dog from the loud and sudden crashes of thunder. Whether it be the TV, radio or even playing a dog-friendly calming playlist, these sounds should mask or at least diminish the volume of the thunder, increasing their comfort and reducing their anxiety and stress levels.


Invest in some blackout blinds or curtains...


Depending on the size of the storm, lightning can be really bright, often lighting up the whole room. These sudden and unexpected flashes of light can be just as scary and the loud bangs of thunder to your pooch. I would recommend investing in some blackout blinds or curtains in a bid to keep the lightning flashes out and your dog calm.

Not only are blackout blinds great for keeping the lightning out, but they will also help your dog to sleep better. Dogs’ circadian rhythms are influenced by light, so it is much easier for them to sleep in a dark room!


…Or leave the lights on


If investing in blackout blinds or curtains isn’t an option, another way to reduce the impact of the lightning flashes is to turn a side light on. Leaving a light on will make the flashes of lightning seem far less bright and obvious, which should hopefully ease your dog's stress levels.


 Try some calming supplements


At Pooch and Mutt we know that nutrition can have a huge effect on your dogs mood. There's a wide range of different supplements that can help an anxious dog calm down, including Probiotics, Lavender Oil and Hemp Oil. You can read a full guide on calming dog supplements here.

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