How to take the perfect pooch picture

Updated 03 November 2023
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Written by Elle Padgham

Welsh Terrier Dog 'smiling' at the camera, against a pale orange backdrop


How often do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram, stopping to coo and “awww” over pooch pics? You then feel all inspired, and try to recreate with your own bundle of floof at home… but it’s not quite as you imagined. Well, allow your good pals at Pooch & Mutt to give you a few easy-breezy tips, to capture that perfect money shot…


How do I get my dog to look at the camera?


  • First thing’s first, your pooch isn’t going to perform without an incentive. So make sure there’s some drool-worthy treats to hand, to entice them with. We have plenty of meaty treats to choose from that’ll do the trick
  • You want them to look in the direction of wherever the treat’s dangling - so practice getting them to follow treats around in your hand, and getting into different positions
  • Next up, you’ll need to practice the “sit” and “stay” commands. This sets them up nicely for positioning that perfect shot
  • Now’s the time to combine tips 2 and 3 together. Use your commands, but move around with treats at the same time to get trying different angles
  • Once they’ve got the hang of it, hold a treat at your nose, say “look at me!”, and they should be looking exactly where they need to - into the camera lens!


      Bonus tip: If the pooch is looking a little too serious, and it’s playful vibes you’re after - then try some fun games before tip 5. That way, they’ll have a gorgeous little tongue hanging out which gives that cheeky, jovial effect.

      A golden-coloured Patterdale Terrier dog, sitting for a treat, against a pale pink backdrop


      How do I take a good-quality picture of my dog?



      • Natural light - natural light always makes portrait shots shine. It brings out all the beautiful details of their makeup, from how shiny their coat is, to the glistening in their eyes
      • Get outdoors - pooches come to life amidst the great outdoors. So get them in their happy place, and the colours of nature against their excited demeanour will create a truly magical shot. If you can’t get outdoors, then choosing an interesting backdrop that complements their colours also works really well
      • Get on your dog’s level  - allow the world to see life from your pooch’s perspective. Getting down onto their level with the camera will create an honest account of their everyday, and will become a super cute, interesting shot
      • Auto-focus - there’s nothing quite as adorable as puppy dog eyes. So make sure your auto focus is there, and their crystal clear eyes will become the focal point of the picture
      • Portrait mode - portrait mode on your phone will make your doggo the centre of attention, and everything else around a little more hazy. This allows for a really striking image
      • Live shot - most smartphones have this setting, and it’s a great way to capture lots of pictures in a short burst. With live shot mode on, you can pick your favourite image that you otherwise might have missed with a standard setting
      • Accessories - if your dog’s comfortable wearing accessories - this always makes for a loveable shot! Dress them up in different things, from their favourite harness, to a slogan bandana, to a little pooch hat - to whatever else you think looks great on them!

      A black, brown, and white dog, sat next to a bag of Pooch & Mutt Health & Digestion food, on a photography set


      What can I do with my dog’s pictures?


      • Give them their own Instagram account - if you’re anything like us, your social media will be filled with hundreds of your pooch’s pics. Why not step it up a notch, and create them their own account? This means you can post adorable photos until your heart’s content, share their everyday adventures with like-minded followers, and you might even make some new friends to go on doggo playdates with
      • Frame them - what’s a family gallery wall without a pet portrait? Choose your favourite shots and weave them into your gallery wall, so visitors can see the whole family together - both hoomans and pets!
      • Pop them on a card - whether it’s for pawrents, grandpawrents or anyone else who knows and loves your pet - a personalised card with their face on is the best gift EVER. Save them up for special occasions, and watch your loved-ones' faces light up

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