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Updated 29 May 2024
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Written by Elle Padgham
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Does your pooch go mad for the chewy challenge of a piece of Rawhide, but you’re (rightly so) nervous about the dangers that come with it? 

Worry no longer, as we’ve developed a brand new alternative - our Fish Hide Chews!

Not only are they healthy, long-lasting and moreish but they’re 100% natural, and safe for your dog to gnaw away on. Unlike traditional Rawhide. 

Made your ears prick up? Then read on to discover why we’re so against Rawhide, all the benefits of Fish Hide, and why it’s an excellent replacement for traditional Rawhide for dogs. 

Why do dogs like Hide products?

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and puppies, meaning mischievous pooches like that Hide allows them to keep chewing for hours on end! 

The act of chewing encourages a dog’s pituitary gland to release endorphins into the brain (happy hormones that create a sense of calm and happiness). They’re known as the body’s ‘natural painkiller’ because of their ability to relieve pain, as well as providing a ‘natural high’.

Just like humans, endorphins produce a calming effect in dogs. Chewing becomes the canine version of ‘self-medicating’ to release anxiety or frustration. 

Long-lasting Hide Chews act as a great boredom buster for our dogs, giving them something to focus on. They also clean their teeth, due to the repetitive chewing action that breaks down tartar while also massaging gums. 

What is Rawhide for dogs?

If you’re an established pooch parent you probably know about Rawhide. But do you know all the ins and outs, and why it’s such a taboo product in the dog world?

Rawhide is a long-lasting dog chew that isn’t meant for consumption - just chewing. It’s a waste product of the leather industry and is made from the inner layer of either cow or horse Hides (their skin). The outer layer of the Hide is the leather part that’s used for shoes, clothes, upholstery, etc - while the inner Rawhide is chemically treated, dehydrated and turned into a dog chew.

Common risks with traditional rawhide 

Rawhide isn't made for consumption, just chewing. Which might have you wondering, “Is Rawhide bad for dogs?”


Once upon a time, it was a popular product for owners to give to their dog. However, over recent years people have become more aware of the dangers associated with Rawhide - with many (especially vets) now taking a stance against it!:

  • Rawhide isn’t made for consumption. It is not considered a food item and is only supposed to be used for chewing. This is worrying when you see the Hide diminishing during the chewing process.
  • Traditional commercial Rawhide is produced using toxic chemicals and additives. Chemicals are used to strip the skin, bleach the hide white and slow the decaying process.
  • The cooking process involved in making traditional Rawhide can result in sharp pieces and splintering parts when the dog chews on it, which is extremely dangerous.
  • Rawhide chews are extremely indigestible which can often lead to choking, or blockages in the digestive tract which may require surgery to be removed. Because these pieces are so indigestible, they can sit in the stomach for months without breaking down or passing through the digestive tract. This can cause digestive problems and eventually create dangerous intestinal blockages or bowel obstructions. This is very serious and can lead to death if not removed.
  • Rawhide is cheap to make, and can often be produced in countries where there are little-to-no safety regulations.

Our Long-Lasting Fish Chews against a sky blue background


The safer alternative: Pooch and Mutt Fish Hide Chews for dogs

We don’t like Rawhide. At ALL. There we said it. This strong dislike made us eager to develop an alternative product for pooches, which still attained that ‘long-lasting chew’ element, but removed the dangers - and actually included health benefits. After all, creating Good Mood Food is what we’re about!

Which is why our Fish Hide Chews were born. They’re a clever, healthy alternative to traditional Rawhide and have a sea of health benefits for pooches:

Our Fish Hide Chews for dogs are made from 100%* natural Cod Skin (depending which chew you go for). This makes them tough like Rawhide - but without the common pitfalls; just lots of perks.

What are the benefits of Fish Hide for dogs?

Fish Hide Chews are the safest, most nutritious option when it comes to long-lasting dog chews. Here’s why Fish Hide is the safe alternative to Rawhide, and why we’re so proud to be able to offer this product to you and your pooches: 

✓  Made with 100*% Cod Skin meaning:

  • They’re high in Omega 3 and 6 (essential for healthy skin and coat, as well as strong nails, boosted immune system and improved cognitive function) 
  • A high source of collagen and protein  
  • Aids joint health and mobility in dogs

✓ They’re sustainably sourced. The Fish Hide used in our Fish Chews is a waste product from the human food industry. This means the source of fish is more sustainable - as it would otherwise go to waste!

✓ They’re exceptionally long-lasting and due to the vet-approved, hand-rolled technique used to make them - won’t splinter or don’t have sharp edges. This means they’re safer for your pooch to chew on for long periods of time 

We use a drying and rolling process rather than cooking; meaning they retain all their nutritional benefits and are highly digestible

They’re a natural toothbrush that cleans your dog’s teeth, massages gums and works jaw muscles - while alleviating boredom at the same time!

✓ They’re made in the EU under closely-monitored safety guidelines, using a technique approved by vets. 

Why will my dog love Fish Hide?

We’ve covered the reasons why Fish Hide is the safe alternative To Rawhide, helping put your mind at ease. But what will your dog love about them?

They’re delicious. 

We’ve created Fish Hide Chews in two mega-tasty flavours: 

  • Long-Lasting 100% Cod
  • This deliciously fishy hide is made entirely from all-natural Cod Skin, which is gently dried and rolled without any added ingredients.

  • Calming Cod and Chamomile 
  • If you’re looking for calming chews for dogs, this Chamomile and Lavender Fish Hide Chew will have your pooch feeling content and peaceful. It’s 98.5% all-natural Cod Skin with 1% Chamomile and 0.5% Lavender - no added extras. 

    They’re fun! 

    Fish Hide will have your pooch happily immersed in a chewy heaven for hours on end. As it’s so satisfying to chew with no sharp edges, your dog will be hooked from the first nibble, and you can stay worry-free (although, as with any food product or toy, we always recommend supervision).

    To summarise… 

    There are so many plus points to cover, so here’s a rundown of why Fish Hide is a real catch compared to contentious traditional Rawhide for dogs: 

  • It’s 100% natural with no dodgy or toxic ingredients.
  • Commercial Rawhide contains artificial additives and chemicals as part of the cooking process. 

  • It’s dried out and rolled, so it retains its nutritional content. 
  • Commercial Rawhide is intensely cooked and bleached, offering no health benefits.

  • It contains loads of the amazing health benefits of fresh cod.
  • Traditional Rawhide doesn't contain fishy goodness and loses any nutrients during the bleaching and cooking process.

  • It’s safer for dogs to chew on, it’s digestible, there are no sharp edges and it doesn’t splinter.
  • Rawhide is cooked in such a way that it’s prone to splitting and splintering. It’s not seen as a food product, but a chew toy, and isn’t safe to be ingested by dogs.

  • It’s sustainable, as it’s a by-product of human food.
  • Rawhide is a by-product of leather making.

    A beige-coloured Show Cocker eating one of our Long-Lasting Fish Chews


    How do I feed my dog fish hide? 

    Now you’re sold on the benefits, how is your dog supposed to eat Fish Hide Chews? 

    • Give your pooch a Fish Hide Chew when they’re feeling restless or bored, so they can enjoy a good gnawing session! They’re satisfied, while you’re happy knowing it’s safe and they’re giving their teeth a good clean too. 
    • Fish Hide Chews are a complementary food that also act as a chew toy, so shouldn’t ever be given instead of regular meals. Your pooch will only ever need one Fish Chew at a time, and you can give another whenever the last one runs out.
    • Although we’re confident our Fish Hide Chews are a much safer alternative to Rawhide - all chews and toys pose a degree of risk, so make sure your pooch is always supervised when chomping.

    How long does fish hide last?

    Their Fish Hide Chew should last a while - depending on how often your pooch pays attention to it, their size, and the duration of their chew session. Of course, if you have a bigger breed or a serial chewer, they’re bound to get through their chew at a faster rate! But they’ll still benefit from all the goodness of the ingredients in exactly the same way.

    When your pooch isn't chewing their Fish Hide Chew, keep it in an airtight container until they'd like it again.

    If your dog loves long-lasting dog chews, try Pooch & Mutt’s nutritious Fish Hide Chews. Our duo of fantastic flavours includes our 100% Cod Long-Lasting Fish Hide Chew, and our Chamomile and Lavender Calming Fish Hide Chew

    If you have any more questions about long-lasting chews for dogs, Rawhide, or anything else - then feel free to get in touch!

    *Our Long-Lasting Fish Hide Chews are made from 100% Cod Skin; while our Calming Fish Hide Chews are made from 98.5% Cod Skin and 1.5% Chamomile and Lavender. 

    Comments (8)

    Hi – my Yorkie puppy Tallulah is 11 weeks old and I wondered if the fish hide chews are the right size for her or will they be too large to chew for such a small dog, please?
    Thank you for your advice

    Heide - Jan 26 2024
    Pooch Admin

    Hi Heide, Our fish chews are suitable for puppies from 6 months old and you could always purchase these when she is a little older to see how she gets on. :)

    Team Pooch - Jan 26 2024

    Do they smell/ make a mess? Also can they have one every day? My dog will keep on with it until it’s gone so it won’t last long

    Georgia Plummer - Apr 16 2024
    Pooch Admin

    Hi Georgia,

    These are made from pure fish skin, so will have a strong fish smell! You can feed between 1-2 per day if you would like :)

    Team Pooch - Apr 16 2024

    Can you tell me why your long lasting fish chews aren’t suitable for pups younger than 6 months?

    Many thanks

    Dawn Cooper - May 09 2024
    Pooch Admin

    Hi Dawn,
    Our Fish chews, similar to our dental sticks, are suitable for puppies from 6 months old as this is when their adult teeth have come through. :)

    Team Pooch - May 09 2024

    Hi, I gave my 22 month old Springers one each of the cod fish chews. They had both eaten them in about 20-25 minutes. Is this normal or should I not leave them chewing them for that long. I was with them and wondered about taking them of them.

    Trevor - Jul 12 2024
    Pooch Admin

    Hi Trevor,
    This is absolutely normal, we would only want to take the chew away from them if they have any adverse reactions after eating such as loose stools. Where we would then want to split the chew over a longer period of time :)

    Team Pooch - Jul 12 2024

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