Can dogs eat Potatoes?

Updated 29 May 2024
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Yes - dogs can eat potatoes. The extremely versatile root veggie that is a mainstay of the human diet can also be a nutritious part of a dog’s main meals, just so long as it’s prepared correctly and fed in moderation alongside other healthy foods

Let’s go into more detail over when and how your dog can eat potatoes. 

Are potatoes good for dogs?

Yes - there’s a whole range of health benefits to potatoes, despite the fact that they can be deemed quite carbohydrate heavy. Like any food, they should be fed in moderation to your pooch as part of a well-balanced, nutritional diet, and prepared in the most dog-friendly way. 

What are the health benefits?

Let's go into some of the ways potatoes can benefit your dog’s health… 

Complex carbohydrates. When cooked in the right way, dogs benefit from the complex carbohydrates in potatoes which give them sustained, slow-release energy. 

Source of fibre. Fibre improves stool quality, boosts digestion and promotes bowel regularity in your dog. 

Vitamins C and B6. Great for boosting a dog’s immune system and skin health, as well as metabolic processes and nerve function.

Minerals such as potassium and phosphorus for your dog’s healthy bones and teeth, heart and muscle function. 

Gentle on digestion. When cooked correctly (read on for more), potatoes can be a highly digestible food for dogs, to fill them up without causing gut turbulence.

Can puppies eat potatoes?

Potatoes are a great food for puppies because they’re very gentle on digestion, so suitable for delicate puppy tummies. Just be sure they’re prepared safely - skinned and roasted or boiled, for instance, then mashed up without any added milk, salt or butter. Feed pups potato alongside other nutritious foods such as fish or broccoli (they should also be eating specialist food for puppies for their main meals).

When is potato unsafe for dogs?

There are a few ways in which potato can be an unsafe food for dogs:

  • When served raw. Raw potatoes don’t taste great but they also contain solanine, which is toxic to dogs. Never serve a dog raw potatoes (this includes the green parts of potatoes) as it will make them very unwell.
  • If a dog eats too much potato, or it isn’t balanced with other foods. Potato is a nutritious food but on its own, doesn’t carry enough nutrients to fuel a dog’s body. Be sure to feed in moderation, alongside other healthy proteins, fruits and veggies. 
  • Potatoes prepared incorrectly for dogs, such as in the form of chips, dauphinoise, buttery mash and other rich or fatty alternatives. This includes any form of potato slathered in butter, seasonings and sauces. A dog can easily get sick from potatoes prepared in this way.

Can dogs be allergic to potatoes?

Yes, dogs can have an intolerance or allergy to potatoes. If you’ve fed your dog some mash or something similar and notice any of the following symptoms, take special care of your dog and don’t feed them potatoes again. 

  • Reddening, rashes or itchiness of the skin
  • Pain in stomach, bloating 
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhoea
  • Breathing difficulties, wheezing
  • Lethargy, change in behaviour

If these symptoms persist, talk to a vet to get further instruction. 

How to safely give potatoes to your dog?

As humans know, there are endless ways to prepare potatoes, but only a few that are safe for a dog to chow down on.

The safest way is to peel, roast or boil, and mash the potatoes, without any added salt, butter or seasoning. To soften the mashed potatoes, add a bit of water rather than milk as a lot of dogs are lactose intolerant. 

How much is safe to give your dog?

Potatoes should be served in moderation, as with all foods you give to your dog - as a side or accompaniment to other foods. A dog’s meal should be made of mostly lean protein, with a portion of vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates (such as potato) as a side. Chat to your vet for specifics, as portion sizes depend on your dog’s breed, age and size.

Don’t serve only potatoes to your pooch as it doesn’t constitute a full meal and they won’t receive all the important nutrients they need. Too much potato can cause lethargy and constipation, just like it can for humans (!). 

What kinds of potatoes can dogs eat?

Let’s unpack all the different types of potatoes your dog can and can’t eat, so you can be clued up on which are safest for your peckish pooch. 

Can dogs eat sweet potatoes?

Yes - yummy sweet potatoes are a nutritious snack for dogs full of vitamins and complex carbs, and make a nice alternative to regular potatoes. Unlike regular potatoes, however, you can boil them up and mash them (without added sugar, salt or spices) for your dog to eat. Remove the skin, too, as it can be tough for a pooch to digest. 

Can dogs eat mashed potatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat mashed potatoes. However, ‘mash’ that humans eat is often packed full of butter, salt and pepper and even cream, so you should definitely avoid all of these additions when making it for your dog. 

Plain potatoes that are roasted or boiled, then mashed with a bit of water is the canine-friendly way to serve them, so that your dog receives the nutrients of the potatoes while digesting them safely. 

Can dogs eat cooked potatoes? 

Yes, it’s essential to feed cooked potatoes to your pooch over raw potatoes. Raw potato contains solanine which is a toxic substance to dogs. Don’t feed your pooch green potatoes either, as these also contain solanine.

Can dogs eat roast potatoes?

Yes, roasted potatoes are one of the safest ways for your dog to eat them. Ideally remove the skin, chop into pieces and roast in the oven without any added seasoning, spices or fats. Wait to cool slightly and mash before feeding to your pooch alongside other nutritious protein and veggies. 

If your pooch has gobbled down a roast potato from your roast dinner, it shouldn’t do them any harm - however don’t intentionally serve them roast potatoes prepared for humans. They’re too fatty for dogs’ delicate digestive systems, and usually covered in a lot of seasoning that can also cause them harm. 

Can dogs eat raw potatoes?

Nope - never feed raw potatoes to your dog. Not only are they tough and hard to digest, raw potatoes contain solanine which is toxic to dogs. This is also present in green potatoes, so avoid these, too. 

Can dogs eat jacket potatoes?

A dog can eat a jacket potato if it’s been oven roasted and doesn’t contain any other additions such as butter, salt, pepper, etc. The potato skin might be tough for your pooch to digest, but it shouldn’t do them any harm if they do eat it. Ideally, remove the skin before serving. 

Remember to serve a small portion of potato - a whole baked potato isn’t recommended - and keep a close eye on your pooch after they’ve eaten it.

Can dogs eat new potatoes?

Dogs can eat new potatoes if they’re served plain and cooked without added seasoning. Don’t feed your dog any new potatoes that come ready stewed in garlic butter or flavourings, as garlic can make your dog very sick. Also avoid the tinned new potatoes, as they can contain salt or other preservatives that can give your pooch a stomach upset. 

Can dogs eat fried potatoes (chips)?

If your dog sneaks a chip or two off your plate, that shouldn’t cause them harm per se; however chips or fried potatoes aren’t a recommended food for a dog as they’re very high in fat and are likely covered in salt and other seasonings.

Can dogs eat potato skins?

A small piece of plain, cooked potato skin isn’t necessarily harmful for dogs, but it does contain solanine and can cause issues for your dog’s digestion. Overall, it’s better to peel a potato before roasting and serving it to your hungry pooch. 


  • In summary, keep it simple when serving potatoes to your dog. 
  • Wash and peel the potatoes, roast or boil them, and serve plain without any butter, sauces or seasoning. 
  • Raw potatoes and any with green parts should be avoided due to solanine, a substance which is toxic to dogs. Potato skins should also, ideally, be avoided. 


What other foods can dogs safely eat?

If you’re keen to feed potatoes to your dog but are looking for alternatives, why not try the following? 

  • Sweet potatoes offer the same complex carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins as potatoes but without the solanine that is toxic to dogs.
  • Carrots have lots of fibre and powerful vitamins without any health risk to dogs. 
  • Butternut squash is another mashable root vegetable that can satisfy dogs while offering a host of health benefits. 
  • Fish, Potato & Pea Wet Food - Our Fish, Potato & Pea Wet Food is tasty, includes that sought-after source of potato and is great for pooches who need a lower fat diet.

Check out our range of healthy snacks for dogs as well as grain-free dog food that’s gentle on digestion. All of our delicious, grain-free recipes are specially formulated to work wonders on your dog’s body and mind.

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