Updated 03 November 2023
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Breed History

The Pomeranian is a Spitz breed of dog named after the region it hails from - Pomerania in norther Europe. They are believed to have been developed from the larger German Spitz breed and may have initial roots in Iceland. Queen Victoria is thought to have owned a Pomeranian during her rule.

General Appearance

The Pomeranian is one of the Spitz type dogs, just like the Samoyed and Siberian Husky. These dogs share certain characteristics such as a pointed muzzle, plush coat and curly tail. Reaching heights of about 24cm, the Pom is the smallest of all of the Spitz dogs.


Fiery, confident and always on high alert, the Pomeranian is a fun dog to be around. They can be yappy and snappy, especially if not adequately trained from a young age. Owners should ensure they treat them like dogs, not picking them up too often or mollycoddling them.

Health Considerations

Some Poms will develop a condition called Tracheal Collapse which can cause a chronic cough and a reduced ability to exercise. As well as medication, you can help to keep your dog slim through diet. If your Pom is overweight, try to restrict their calories and consider a diet such as Pooch & Mutt Slim & Slender.


Notoriously easy to train, your Pomeranian will likely take to toilet training and behaviour training fairly easily due to their intelligent nature and eagerness to please.


Pomeranians rank quite high on the grooming needs scale. We should aim to brush our Pomeranians at least 3 times a week, bearing in mind they may need more frequent grooms during shedding seasons to prevent matting. 


The little legs of a Pomeranian like to go at a brisk pace - remember, brisk for your Pom will not be brisk for you. We should aim to walk our Poms for at least 40 minutes a day, try breaking this up into two 20 minute walks and remember to throw in some games and mental agility at home to keep them occupied.

Feeding Considerations

Due to their size, feeding your Pomeranian a smaller kibble may be handy. Pooch & Mutt offer a Small dog superfood kibble that is targeted for small breeds, making it easier for them to eat and digest.

On every product page at Pooch & Mutt you’ll find a handy feeding guidelines calculator, all you need to do is input your dog's age, weight and size.

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