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Updated 03 November 2023
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Golden Retrievers are a popular breed all over the world, often featuring in the list of ‘Top 10 Pet Dog Breeds’. This is thanks to their friendly nature, love of children and as they are usually easy to train. They are well-known for their beautiful golden colour and wavy double coat.

Breed History

Originally bred in Scotland in the 1800’s by the first Lord of Tweedmouth , the Golden Retriever was developed to hunt waterfowl such as ducks and game birds.

General appearance

The Golden Retriever is a gorgeous looking gun dog with a broad head, soft eyes, short ears and a straight muzzle. They are known for their beautiful golden, wavy double coats. Reaching up to 61cm tall and weighing in at up to 34kg, this medium to large sized breed makes an excellent family pet. 


Golden Retrievers are a very kind and friendly breed, making them the ideal family pet. They are great with children, but as with every dog, care and supervision should always be taken with dogs around small children. They are a cheerful and trustworthy breed and make excellent companions for first time dog owners.

Health Considerations

Sadly, a large number of the Golden Retriever population will suffer from Hip Dysplasia. This is a progressive condition of the hips that impairs mobility and negatively affects quality of life. There are lots of things we can do to help affected dogs. If required, vets will prescribe anti-inflammatories and pain relief. We usually also give daily joint supplements and advise owners feed a joint specific diet such as Pooch & Mutt Joint Care. It is also vital that these dogs are not allowed to get over-weight as their joints will not cope well with the extra load.


Goldens have a slight tendency to chew on objects (watch out Sofa!) so make sure you provide plenty of toys and things your retriever can carry in its mouth from a young age. These lovable dogs remain puppy-like for longer than most breeds so obedience training is a must from a young age. Being eager to please, your Golden will likely then be relatively easy to train.


Golden Retriever's coat is thick but should not ever need a full haircut. Trimming around the ears, feet, tail and neck is advised. 


Did you know, the Golden Retriever loves to keep active? They are a working breed and need at least 90 minutes of exercise each day. When possible, allow them off lead to ensure they can have a good sniff and roam about. This is a dog that will never say no to a game or training session.

Feeding Considerations

Known for piling on the pounds, it’s good to start your Golden off with a well balanced, complete diet that provides everything they need nutritionally. Take a look at Pooch & Mutt Chicken & Superfood blend packed with lean protein and beneficial superfoods, available for each life cycle from Puppy through to Senior

If you are looking to help your Golden manage their weight, why not try Pooch & Mutts’ Slim & Slender complete dried food.

You'll find a handy feeding calculator on every product page here at Pooch & Mutt to help you identify how much of our health led recipes are right for the age, size and weight of your dog.

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