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Updated 05 June 2024
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Breed History

Despite their name, the French Bulldog actually had roots in England. They still hold their ancestors (the English Bulldog) 'bat' style ears and although small, have the 'bull' body shape. 


General Appearance

The Frenchie shares some of the English Bulldogs breed features in a miniature form, such as the breeds large 'bat' like ears. They have a large sized head for their small bodies with wrinkled skin and a short snout (brachycephalic). Frenchies can weigh in between 8kg and 11kg and reach heights up to 30cm.



Most Frenchies are gregarious and will get along well with children, adults and dogs alike. They like to be social and enjoy the company of others. While they are playful and curious, they should not be overly excitable so should be relatively easy for most to manage.

Health Considerations

French Bulldogs are more prone than the average dog to atopic dermatitis (allergic skin disease) and signs can include obsessive paw licking, musty smelling fur, pink skin and chronic ear infections. Affected dogs may benefit from anti-itch medicine and the occasional use of antibiotics and medicated washes. It can help to strengthen the skin barrier by providing supplements such as Pooch & Mutt’s Bionic Biotic which contains fish oil and prebiotics. 

Sadly, many French Bulldogs will suffer with inherited medical conditions such as Patellar Luxation, Intervertebral Disc Disease and Spinal Malformations. These orthopaedic conditions can affect a dog’s mobility and cause chronic pain.


French Bulldogs are relatively easy to train, thanks to them being fans of routine. Aim to stick to a daily schedule when your Frenchie is young and maintain this training routine through to adulthood. A quick cuddle or a treat reward like Pooch & Mutts' Health & Digestion mini bone treats will go a long way. 


Being fans of a routine, you should aim to get your Frenchie used to daily grooming from day one. A set time for brushing and wiping between their wrinkles should make this an easy task by the time your Frenchie reaches adulthood.


Despite their size, French Bulldogs may need more exercise than you first expect. Aim for 1 hour of walking a day, split into 2 - 3 shorter walks.

Feeding Considerations

We should aim to feed our Frenchies a premium, grain-free diet that has lean protein sources and healthy fats. Added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will go a long way to keeping your Frenchie happy and healthy. Pooch & Mutts' Superfood range is tailored by age and size of your dog and could be ideal for your Frenchie.

You'll find a handy feeding calculator on every product page here at Pooch & Mutt to help you identify how much of our health led recipes are right for the age, size and weight of your dog.

Comments (2)

I have a French bulldog
He’s always had loose stools, regardless what food I try and believe me I’ve tried most of them
Was thinking of giving yours a try, but most have chicken in and fish contains potatoe, any ideas which one to try? He also gets fed up with same food, so have to change flavours
Kind regards

Annalea Busst - Jan 26 2024
Pooch Admin

Hi Annalea, All our food does contain potato unfortunately and if wanting to avoid this, we wouldn’t have any food that would be suitable. I am sorry about this!

Team Pooch - Jan 26 2024

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