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The Natural Way to promote dogs mobility & Joint Care.

The Natural Way to promote dogs itching coats & digestion.

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Natural Joint & Mobility

  • Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be made by your pet’s body, it is vital for your pets diet. Since the 1930s it has been known that the omega 3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) were essential for normal growth.

Grain Free

Many dogs struggle to digest foods that are high in grains (including corn and wheat).

Intolerance to grain can manifest in many ways, such as digestive discomfort, itchy skin and sub-optimal health.

Vet Recommended

Pooch & Mutt launched as a canine health supplement company in 2008.

Nutrition is the heart of our products and they have been recommended and sold by vets since we launched.

Award Winning 

  • PETA Accredited

  • Winner 'The Ethical Award' 8 years in a row
  • Feefo Gold Award for Customer Service
  • 2x Grocer New Product Awards
  • 2x International packaging design awards
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Bionic Biotic

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"It's great for her sensitive tum and join problems!"


"After 5 weeks of using your oil she was hardly itching"


"Excellent for my dogs. One with itchy skin and the other with old joints
Would recommend. "


How does it work?

+ What does it do?

Omega oils are essential for skin and coat quality, cardiovascular/ heart health, immune response, cognitive/ brain function and joint function/ mobility.
Omega 3 (DHA) and puppies.
Research has proven that DHA from fish oils makes puppies more intelligent, easier to train and improves memory.

+ Who's doing the research?

For the research, carried out by Eukanuba, 9 week old puppies were taught how to recognise shapes that led them to a treat. After 5 days training twice the number of puppies fed on the high -DHA diet achieved an 80% success rate (in finding the treat in a T-shaped maze). The studies authors claim that this could save owners up to £1000 per year in behaviour correction fees.

+ What are the professionals saying? 

British veterinary surgeon and dog behavioural expert Sara Heath commented on the research: “Enhancement of a puppy’s cognitive development and exposure to various learning opportunities can maximise the potential for it to develop into an adult dog that can be readily welcomed as a member of society.”

+ Is it ethically sourced?

  • Pooch & Mutt Salmon Oil is sustainably sourced from Atlantic Salmon reared in Scottish sea lochs under carefully controlled, natural and environmentally compatible conditions. The salmon oil has a rich taste that dogs (and cats) love.

"Let thy food be thy medicine...

... and thy medicine by thy food" Hippocrates

Hippocrates was known as the greatest physician of the time and is now known as the father of modern medicine. Over 2,000 year ago Hippocrates was singing the praises of eating healthily and using food as medicine.

The industrialisation of the modern era has les us away from Hippocrates's principles, but we are now (re) discovering that they are as true now as they were 2 millenia ago. We don't instictivley look to our diet when we want to sove a problem... but we should.

Why Pooch & Mutt

+ Vet recommended since 2008

Pooch & Mutt launched as a canine health supplement company in 2008. We have positive nutrition at our heart and our products have been recommended and sold by vets since we launched.

We know that there seem to be new pet food companies sprouting up everywhere at the moment. We've been around over a decade and seen many come and go. Our continued success is down to the fact that we make the highest quality products, putting your dog's health above everything else.

+ Consistently high customer ratings

Whether on the independently collected Feefo reviews on our website, or on other sites like Amazon, you will see that Pooch & Mutt products get consistently high reviews.

The "Big Pet Food" brands have £millions to spend on marketing to tell people about their products. We don't. The most valuable marketing we have is when our happy customers tell their friends about how good our products are. There is no shortcut to this and no way to cheat it, it's down to consistently making the best product that we can to keep your pooch as happy and healthy as they can be.

+ An ethical, award-winning, UK company

Pooch & Mutt is one of the most awarded companies in the pet food world. Awards and accreditations include:

- Accreditation from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

- Winner of 'The Ethical Award' for 8 years in a row

- Feefo Gold Award for Customer Service

- 2x Grocer New product Awards

- 2x International packaging design awards

- Winner of 'Manufacturing Entrepreneur of The Year' at the GB Entrepreneur Awards

- Winner of the 'Made in Britain' Award at the Smarta 100 Awards

- Finalist at the National Business Awards

+ Subscribe 'n' save

All products can be ordered from on subscription with additional savings, so that your dog will never run out again.

A Small Great British company

All Pooch & Mutt food is Pepper-Approved.

Pooch & Mutt is a small, Great British company, based in Clapham, SW London, founded by Guy Blaskey, pictured with his cockapoo, Pepper - Pooch & Mutt's Head of Product Development. No products make it to the shelf if they don't first get Pepper's seal of approval.

Pooch & Mutt is one of the few dog food companies where you can still call the office and speak to the founder and where the founder is still involved in all part of the business, making sure that the all products and services are the best that they can be for you, your dog... and of course, for Pepper.