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The Pooch & Mutt functional range is grain-free, with high meat content and formulated 'from the ground up' to help look after your dog. Each food includes probiotics and prebiotics, our own Nutra-Bionic supplement and combines a functional protein source with nutritional supplements.

Calm & Relaxed: For excitable dogs of all ages and breeds

Health & Digestion: For sensitive dogs of all ages and breeds

Joint Care: To aid mobility in dogs of all ages and breeds

Slim & Slender: Weight control for dogs of all ages and breeds

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The Pooch & Mutt Superfood range is grain-free and combines chicken with a whole host of superfoods including kale, cranberries, sweet potato, spinach and a whole lot more. Each recipe is tailored to a specific life stage. They are all boosted with prebiotics and our Calm+Care supplement.

Adult Superfood: The perfect food for all medium and large adult dogs

Small Superfood: Mini kibbles for toy and small dogs

Puppy Superfood: To help young ones grow up in their first year

Senior Superfood: For dogs aged 7+ to help them get the most from life