How a professional dog walker's Lab keeps up with her 4 hours a day regime

Bold Support 07 April 2017

Professional dog walker Jo Joyce guides us through her business essentials and how her 8 year old Labrador Bessie, keeps up with her intense 4 hours a day walking schedule.

How long have you used Mobile Bones for? 

We've been giving Bessie Mobile Bones for at least three years, since she had a few lumps removed. Initially it was to help aid her recovery and then we continued, due to the fact she is getting to a stage in life where we think it advantageous. Bessie has dog walks that can be up to 4 hours a day and still runs around, chasing with her 2 year old friend, and my dog walk customer, Wilson, a red Lab. 

I also take Bessie to the Lake District for a camping holiday (above), once a year and she can cover 15-20 miles, easy, per day, with no suffering. We attribute this to regular exercise and Mobile Bones.

What else do you think contributes to Bessie's great health status?

I also massage Bessie's shoulders and thighs regularly. I use a massage brush too, for general brushing and aiding muscles. I think at this age it helps to keep a closer eye on overall health. I put paw cream on her daily, if possible. I brush her teeth daily too.


Do you recommend it to other people in your business? 

I recommended Mobile Bones to a friend, who has a black Lab, Basil, who is 10 years old. A few years ago Basil had a bit of a stiff leg, and after taking Mobile Bones regularly, my friend noticed a positive difference and keeps a stock of Mobile Bones for Basil too.

Where do you buy your Mobile Bones from at the moment? 

Mobile Bones is certainly fantastic value, it lasts around 6 weeks and we purchase it from the online store.

Does Bessie eat it up OK when sprinkled over her food?

Bessie clears her meals in no time...every bit of Mobile Bones sprinkle lapped up, mixed with her main food and a little water. Never a trace left! Having said that, Bessie has a good solid appetite, a typical Lab Retriever!