Five-week-old puppy given life-changing operation so he can walk

Lucy Connor 22 January 2019

Image: Oklahoma State University 

Milo was born with a rare deformity on his two front legs known as congenital elbow luxation, meaning his paws were back to front, making it impossible for him to walk. After his owners became aware of his condition, Milo was abandoned at the Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary, in Oklahoma. Carers at the sanctuary rallied together to raise funds for the operation to turn Milo’s paws the right way around.

The operation took place at the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences at Oklahoma State University. The rare condition required a team of five specialists, with little Milo in surgery for almost four hours.

Dr Erik Clary, associate professor of small animal surgery, lead Milo’s case.

Image: Oklahoma State University 

“Milo’s surgery was complicated,” said Clary. “For each of his elbows, we had to go into the joint and restore the alignment. Then we placed a pin across the joint to keep it straight while his growing bones continue to take shape and his body lays down the internal scar tissue that will be needed for long-term stability.”

In his 27 years of surgery, Dr Clary had only seen three cases of Milo’s condition.

“It is very unusual, but also very debilitating. So when we do see it, something needs to be done.”

Since his surgery, the sanctuary have confirmed Milo is on the road to recovery, but still has a way to go .

Image: Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook