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Updated 12 May 2022
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Did you know, there is a whole yellow army of dogs out there? These are dogs who wear bright yellow collars, leads and harnesses when out on a walk. The yellow colour is a signal to other owners that this is not a dog who wishes to be approached.


This year, National #Dogsinyellow day is on the 20th March. If you’re taking part, help to raise awareness by posting a picture of your gorgeous pooch on social media. Let’s get this trending!


Why would a dog not want to be approached?


There are lots of reasons why a pet may need space when out of their house. This would include:


  • Fear or anxiety around people or other dogs
  • The potential to act aggressive
  • The need for space as they are currently being trained so their owner wants distractions kept to a minimum
  • Being unwell or elderly; not every dog wants a bouncy puppy running up to them and starting a game!


How does the initiative help?


If both dog and owner know they are going to get a peaceful and uninterrupted walk, they are more likely to enjoy their time spent outdoors. Both will feel more relaxed and can work on building confidence together.


What are some signs of a dog being anxious?


It is not always obvious when your dog is nervous when out and about. Each dog can express their nerves in a different way. However, we should be able to read our dog’s body language to get a better understanding of what is going on inside their head.


Signs to watch out for include:


  • Staying close to you and not wanting to sniff or explore
  • Shaking or whining
  • Humping or acting over-excited
  • Panting
  • A desire to go back home right away or a refusal to go on the walk altogether
  • Barking or lunging at other dogs or people


If you own an anxious dog…


If you are the owner, it makes sense to have your dog wear a yellow lead and harness. Try to stay calm, so your dog doesn’t pick up on your nerves. Stick to quieter routes and you can always cross the road if another dog is approaching in the distance.


Have a steady supply of tasty treats such as our Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed treats. Not only will your dog be glad to have a yummy distraction, these treats contain natural ingredients such as Valerian Root and Chamomile to help make your dog less reactive.


It can help to keep your dog focused on you by asking for simple commands throughout the walk and bringing along some distracting toys like a Frisbee or tug toy. The aim is for your dog to associate walks with good feelings.


If you notice that another dog is anxious…


If you spot a dog in yellow or notice that they are acting scared, give them plenty of space. They do not need you or your dog coming up to them, regardless of how gentle or friendly your dog is.


If your dog is off lead, consider clipping them back on. This is very important if there is a chance they may want to greet the nervous dog. Remember, not only is it unfair on this dog to have another dog causing them distress, they may resort to snapping if very afraid


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My Molly is an 11 year old ESS. Nervous since we got her at 14 weeks. It is so annoying when other dogs rush at her and owners say “ they just want to play”. There needs to be more respect of a dogs space when out walking She has always been great off leaf and we usually go to woods, lakes and open spaces. This has been a great read and thank you .

vicky cother - Mar 22 2022

Will you ever produce wet food calming range to go with the calming biscuits. Btw my dog loves the biscuits

Kim Faure - Mar 22 2022

Great idea but what would be better on the yellow to have ptinted nervous dog. As slot of peopkd unless explained to won’t know. They would see straightaway then

Anne - Mar 22 2022

@Anna Watch this space! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when we launch new products.

Team Pooch - Mar 22 2022

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