Why is there glucose syrup in your chews?

Bold Support 26 October 2018

Customer Question: How can chewing on sugar clean a dogs teeth. Eating sweets is bad for human teeth and we don’t clean out teeth with a stick of sugar so why is sugar a good option to clean a dogs teeth with. Why is there glucose syrup in your chews?


Pooch & Mutt’s response:



As much as we would love to have as no sugar in our products whatsoever, we had to add some ‘Glucose Syrup’ into our chews to help them bind together (each chew has 1.4g inside). We are hoping that we can continue to develop the formulation to make them entirely sugar free like most of our other products, and definitely want to maintain our Junk-Free status!

We wanted to make a more natural alternative to some products already out there, and hope that with the right advice, our Pooch & Mutt community will embrace our chews along with snacks like carrots and regular brush cleaning. As always, you can reach the full ingredients list over on our website.

Kind regards,
Pooch & Mutt